Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 Sure Signs You Have Testosterone Problems

Okay, so I'm bending my previous statement about taking a vaca from originality. I had to radically tweak the formatting so as to make it easier to read. To completely understand the joke, please scroll down to Monday's post.

You have the attitude problem. Everyone else can deal with it.

You wouldn't be caught dead eating a cheese omelet, but you're adding beer to your corn flakes.

You don't use a dryer.

Your jeans shrank because you laid them too close to the BBQ.

Your wife is agreeing with everything you say. She must have smashed the car or something.

Screw the cell phone. You just pass those twits by and throw your empties at them.

Batting practice? Forget that, let's play William Tell.

Outer Space? So what, that's something new? You experience that every time you're forced to visit your in-laws.

You can't believe that they don't make a burger larger than a triple decker at Wendy's, so you buy a double for merging purposes.

You drive everyone else crazy because after all, the world does indeed revolve around you.

Ibuprofen? Shoot, you're only half-way through medicating your headache and the thirty pack is all gone.

Originally posted on May 27, 2008


  1. Uh oh, I see myself in some of these. As I used to be when I was 40 that is.

  2. I don't entirely understand all of these!

  3. So what inspired these last two posts?

  4. Charles: I can see myself from about twenty odd years ago doing some of this stuff.

    Extra Ordinary Me: Oh boy, it's kind of tough to explain, but both of them are aimed at sterotypical images/ideas of of men and woman. Almost like redneck humor.

    R.K.: Now or then? Now, I was feeling unoriginal last week, and frankly just a tad lost after I closed up the story blog, so I decided to dig out a couple conceptual jokes to show everyone what my sense of humor was like back then. Then, the person I was joking with at the time was someone that I developed an absolutely fascinating chemistry. For about five months or so, we were deadly. But, as Joe would say, I blogress.

  5. Oh, a Wendy's triple burger sounds WONDERFUL!!! Gained 5lbs reading this.


  6. How about William Tell with the dartboard darts?

    -Hope I don't have too much testosterone...

  7. Jannie: Honestly, I've never eaten a Wendy's triple burger. Used to have a friend who could eat those on a regular basis.

    See, now you'll have to go a diet again. :D

    Snaggle: Dartboard darts would do fine. More fun that way. :D

  8. My boys would probably want to play "William Tell" too!!

  9. A good counterpoint to the estrogen post. :) Jannie made me laugh - I was kind of thinking the same thing. :)

  10. Kelly: I doubt it for a minute. :D

    Lynn: Sometimes, we just have to act a little naughty with our diets. :D

  11. husband not only eats the cheese omelettes, but he makes the absolute best ones. I don't think I'll show him this post - lol!

  12. Talon: I have no idea on how to respond to this, other than to say "more power to him." :D


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