Monday, June 2, 2008

"The Topix Jungle": Chapter 4 (The Pub)

And so it came to pass, that on June 12, 2007, a tiny little chat thread called, "Ye Olde Village Pub" was born.

Small at first, it soon had people migrating to it, from far and wide. My two chat thread threads, Chat Room Rage and Cult of Personality (see chapter 3 for links), basically died from the mass exodus to this one. All of the people who will be featured to a degree in this guide, originated and blossomed here in this thread: Matt from Akron, PaisleyPosey, A Bug and A Wish, Rods 1 Hitesrunprinces, Rotor Head and Billy R, just to name a few.

Created by Rotor Head, the first hardcore members to post there were HRP, Paisley and Bug. I eventually came tripping by, and Matt came along about a month or so later I believe. Soon the thread took on a life of its own, hitting about 200 posts a day. We started, or I should say, they started a few gags that even 15 months later, they remain a source of pride and very good inside jokes. To name a just a few:
  • Grape Rocket Fuel: This was a mixture of grape kool aide and some kind of liquor, designed to lift one's spirits and make one blotto at the same time.
  • Sean Connery: Apparently, some of the woman found Sean Connery sexy. So when someone said "Sean Connery", they went "ooooooh, Sean Connery, ".
  • Goats: Goats became the defacto mascot for YOVP. All kinds of goat jokes were told.
  • Melons: Yes melons. I really don't need to explain this, do I?

So as you can see, everyone got along with everybody. The camaraderie and the humor was second to none. We quickly became a very united front whenever a troll appeared and tried to make nasty on the thread or nasty against one of us. Said troll was dispatched with ease.

As the case with most popular things, cracks imperceptibly began to form in the facade. The first signs of trouble began at the end of June, when HRP took a business trip to Chicago and the inmates decided to run the asylum...

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