Saturday, June 7, 2008

"The Cast of Characters"

Before I get much further into this unique user guide, it would be wise of me to create a short reference guide to the main participants of this particular phase of my chat room journey. Please refer to this whenever you need a slight refresher while reading this user guide. Most of these good people are still with us today.
  1. Da Bishop/Cedar Mountain: Me. Also, you will find over 3,000 posts under my real name as well.
  2. Hitesrunprincess: One of three problem children. Doesn't post anymore, but still reads and has people spying for her.
  3. Rotor Head: Second problem child. Doesn't post anymore, but still reads and has people spying for him as well.
  4. Matt from Akron: Posts extensively. An exceptionally bright individual and an all around genuinely good person. Can be found on the Science/Tech forums, the Evolution forums and coincidentally, as a blog (see link for GumbyTheCat).
  5. PaisleyPosey: A very near and dear friend. Doesn't post as much, as the RW calls much more than the CyberWorld. Very bright and a wonderful person to talk to. Can be found all over Topix.
  6. A Bug and A Wish: A very dear friend. Doesn't post as much either, as the RW perpetually calls for her. Very bright, very loyal. A very close member of my circle of 4 from Top Stories.
  7. Billy R: Third problem child. I was always taught when I nothing nice to say about someone, I shouldn't. So I won't.

The preceding list of people were the main players in this particularly complex chapter of my online life. The others that are to follow, were ones that I met in either other forums or Top Stories, but were only peripherally involved in what went down in 2007.

  1. Grace Nerissa: A very lovely, warm, charming individual. Someone whose writing skills are something I aspire to have someday. A very good poet is she.
  2. Vee: A charming and unique individual. Someone else whose writing skills I envy.
  3. Jamie Tuna: A very bright guy and a pleasure to be around.
  4. Rods 1: Ditto.
  5. Calibeachbum/Lady Of The Pacific: A very nice lady who didn't deserve the grief I gave her when things exploded.

There are others who I had the pleasure of meeting that I will not include on this list, due to the fact that they weren't involved in this at all, but I will talk about as things progress as they were there for me later on.

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