Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Guerilla Warfare": Chapter 1 (Spring '08)

As 2007 morphed into 2008, I had settled down into a rather disturbing routine of bipolar posting: complimentary and informative one minute, a ranting and disturbed whack job the next. Leaving a trail of bad first, second and third impressions, I had basically morphed into a dual role of a registered/greyed out troll.

It wasn't that much of a surprise to me, although it may have been to other people who knew me from days gone by. After going through all the garbage that I went through last year, I had decided to be more proactive, instead of reactive, to the people I came across in Topix. Thus, I had thrown myself completely into this latest phase, with eyes semi-closed.

For the first few months, I had done basically hit and run posting in the Nationals, while concentrating the bulk of my posting in the local forums. Nothing much really came from the hit and run postings, until late March, when I stumble onto a thread called "Sick of it All: Us vs. Them", located in Offbeat.

Basically it was a video thread of sorts, started by a pompous blowhard called "The Big Time". I had previous run-ins with this individual and his minions before, but not much came of it. This time, with last year's trolling by a group of people who went under the moniker "Prayerful One" (a future topic of discussion) still relatively fresh in my mind, I went on the prowl to try and goad a few of them into admitting that they had created/participated/had knowledge of this particular troll.

However, I had really went about it the wrong way. About four or five days of making a ton of derogatory posts about two or three people (and boy were they good ones), I went to access the Topix website. Within seconds of clicking on the link, I found I was unable to access the site for about three minutes. When I was finally able to get online, I had found that a bunch of my posts were purged out (I was at this point, posting under the grayed out name "Baby Gooey"), and the targets of my posting were bragging about the fact they had me purged.

So for the next couple of weeks, it became a game of cat and mouse. I would make a post responding to perceived threats that the Playground Police would make, and they would get it removed. I wouldn't do it from my home computer because I thought at the time my proxy addy was suspended from the website, so I would do it from the public library.

Finally, I decided to cross that invisible line in the sand and make a post voicing publicly what everyone behind the scenes was saying privately, but were too afraid to say publicly. I had stated what I thought "Prayerful One" was; who originally created it; who knew about it; and who posted as it. I did this under my real name.

The fall out was swift and lasting. Everyone who I called out, stated publicly that I didn't know what I was talking about and that I should watch my mouth, and that they weren't the person in question.

Additionally, about week later, when I decided to sign in and post as myself (after posting as an unsigned in me), I got this wonderful warning in red: Stop talking about other people and stay on the topic in question. Failure to do so while result in a lifetime and permanent ban from the forum.

Well, I took a major exception to that, as I felt that a double standard was being applied to me. I felt that since the other dolts were able to get away with multiple violations of the T.o.S., why couldn't I?

About the time that had happened, I had written a letter and sent multiple e-mails, and even sent a fax, trying to find out why I was purged and suspended in the first place. Never did get a response to my accusations, but I will share with everyone at a later date, the contents of the letter that I had faxed over to Topix, stating just exactly what my accusations were.

In any event, I since I didn't agree with the original assessment by them, I didn't click on my acceptance of it. That was in late April/early May '08. To this day, I have not posted as my original self, and will not be able to post as my original self, until I agree to abide by the warning. So, in effect, that is how I have one persona "suspended".

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