Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Promise Is A Promise

Howdy do everyone!

I'm going off on a short tangent right now, and I would like to bring all you readers along for the ride.

I am by nature, a somewhat overly organized individual. This was the end result of growing up rather "hyperactive" (read: ADD) as a child and teenager. Because I was somewhat scatter shot while growing up, I decided to make a determined effort to always have some kind of basic outline available, no matter what I did throughout the course of the day.

That said, I have a basic outline developed for my blog: post a couple pages of a short story, then touch on one of three rotating topics throughout the week, every two days. The three rotating topics I have are: writing, work and chat rooms/Internet.

Regarding chat rooms: what I was going to do was first post about my experiences with Topix covering the past 16 months, before going off on side tangents about the various observations I've made/seen during the same time frame.

However, I'm going to go off on a side tangent right now and share with you an experience that I'm currently participating in.

Back on 6/18/08, I had made a post on a thread called, "Are you winning souls for Jesus?" saying that I was going to take a break from Topix while I was on vacation the following week. I had also stated that I was taking side bets from people, on when I would come back from my self imposed exile. The person closest to picking out the right date would get a positive note written by me in my blog.

Last Wednesday (6/25), I had made a couple of posts on the thread. Someone asked if I was officially back yet. I answered that I didn't know, because it was becoming very hard to stay away and that quite frankly I was missing everyone. I had also stated that I would modify my challenge by stating that if anyone can identify what few posts I had made previously, I would write about them in my blog. I did get a few more responses to that post and thus I decided that this weekend, I would write about those people in my blog. But then I got to thinking about the others who didn't participate in my little challenge, and how that they might be get miffed by being excluded.

So as not to hurt any one's feelings, I have decided to write about the core members of that thread. In no particular rank of importance, I will say a few words about each individual.

  • River Spirit: The best I've been able to tell, she is lady who is about ten years older than me and has a wonderful outlook on life. She doesn't worship God in the traditional sense, but does believe in nature and the afterlife.
  • Water Nymph: She also has a wonderful outlook on life. Seems to be deeply spiritual just like everyone else, and has a wicked sense of humor.
  • Writing in Paradise: WiP, I find to be a very remarkable individual. I had first run into her about a year ago on a no-smoking thread. She gave me what for and stood her ground. The one thing that impressed me throughout the year, was that she always stuck to her guns, no matter what. I hope the rest of her journey is laced with comfort, good times and good memories. She will be missed.
  • Fish: I had first met him a couple of months ago on another thread called "Ask Jesus a question". He had then, just like now, an incredible wicked sense of humor and a wonderful grasp of pop culture.
  • Painted Quote: I found her to be a pleasant person. I don't run into too many people from CT on the national forums, so she was a blessing in disguise. One of the first people to say hi to me on this thread.
  • Kay: She is a very unique poster in my eyes, as she is one of those born agains, who is truly decent person online. Treats everyone with respect and kindness and always receives the same in return. She is one of those people who makes one really curb their tongue so as not be completely offensive in her presence.
  • Magickmom: A very fascinating person, as she is (I believe) a practitioner of the Wicca faith. Incredibly open minded and tolerant of most viewpoints. She's fun to be around.
  • Seventies Chick: I haven't had the pleasure of talking too much with her, but she's also one of those born agains, who seems to be genuinely tolerant of other viewpoints. Very nice and has a pleasant sense of humor.
  • Dink: Another one of those people who I haven't had the pleasure of talking much too either, but seems to be a very well grounded individual with a wicked sense of humor.
  • Xcentric InVidor: Another long termer on Topix that I've met from time to time during my existence. Fascinating person whose knowledge of the Bible is probably only matched by the people on this list and no one else.
  • Matt from Akron: I can't add much to what I've already said about him. But will simply say this: He's a genuinely funny and charming individual. Check out his blog called 'GumbyTheCat'.
  • Sister Phyllis: The original creator of the thread. Was a not a good person to be around for quite awhile, but now is. It will be a pleasure to finally have a good debate with her.
  • Yoga Chic: Is another nice and charming poster that I had run into a couple of months ago. Even though our initial contact was less than ideal, we were able to smooth out our differences with each other. A class act through and through.
  • Chins Rule: Same applies to here as it did to Yoga Chic. A class act through and through and a pleasure to talk to. Incredibly knowledgable on the bible.
  • cotk: A very pleasant lady to talk to. Loves her family and once again would like to congratulate her on becoming a mommy again. Yay!!

In essence, all this people have only two things in common with each other, and that is a belief system and respect for each other's beliefs. And that my friends, is something to be proud of.

And if I missed anyone, please tell me and I'll add them in.

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