Saturday, June 7, 2008

"The Topix Jungle": Chapter 5 (The Incident)

When we last visited the Pub, one of the main hosts, HRP, left for a business trip to Chicago (hair products) in late June and left the Pub in the capable hands of MfA and RH.

Note: to make things easier for you the reader, I will be referring to some of the participants by the initials, due to the fact that their online names are somewhat long. If you need to know what their official name is, please refer to the handy list called, "Cast of Characters".

Back in the late spring, on a thread called "Cult of Personality", I created a persona called The Bishop. This particular character was a pompous, overbearing, uproariously drunken prelate who was always in the sacramental wine, or in this case, bourbon. This was created so that I could let the stupider side of my personality bleed out.
In any case, I started a wonderful story arc about how The Bishop was going to invade and take over the Pub. RH played along, as well as MfA, and we were having a relatively good time about it. Billy R (who never had that much of sense of humor to begin with) chimed in with a thinly veiled opinion disguised as an insult about my character.

Being the sensitive person that I was at the time, I threw a tantrum. I proceeded to insult and mock him at every turn, until it got so bad that I was temporarily kicked out of the Pub. Shortly after I got kicked out, a subtle turn of events happened. Gone was the carefree days of old, and in its place was a cloud of paranoia that soon began to seep into the atmosphere.

About the time I was serving my "suspension", I had started posting the interior to my novel, "Shades of Love" in the Top Stories forum. I had done this previously with other short stories in the Offbeat forum, in order to share my writing talent and gain meaningful critique of my work. In any event, the story was rather violent to begin with, as it started out with a home invasion that quickly turned fatal.

I had posted about a couple of chapters worth or so, when people started insinuating things behind my back about it (I found this out much, much later, which will be talked about as well), claiming that the two lead characters were me and HRP, and that the two home invaders were thinly veiled caricatures of MfA and RH.

Suffice to say, the grumblings behind the scenes began to seep into the foreground, courtesy of HRP (a control freak in every sense of the word). Every little thing I did or said, was greeted with scepticism, like "oh look, George is at it again, he should just grow up". I will be the first to admit, and other people can confirm this, I was very wishy-washy with my behavior back then.

However, I, unlike other people much later, was able to get a very good read on the situation. I've always had that ability to see people for what they really are, and sure enough, things were going to test my abilities to prove a point, to the breaking point...

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