Thursday, June 12, 2008

"The Topix Jungle": Chapter 6 (The Showdown)

The initial beginnings of The Showdown began innocently enough. I was participating on a thread in Top Stories around August '07 with HRP and Paisley, and I made some comment in jest about HRP being frugal/cheap. Paisley chimed in with a comment that bordered on the too literal front, so I made a rather serious retort.

Next thing I know, I'm smack dab in the middle of an intense war of words with Paisely over my initial comment, which was made in jest to begin with. It finally got to the point where I was left a nasty post (I think) stating what came out of my mouth couldn't be trusted as my words had both double and triple meanings.

I attempted to smooth things over with HRP by having a very long phone call one Sunday afternoon. I put my two cents in, she put her two cents in, and stated quite convincingly that the worst case scenario would be that each of us would walk away from the other if we couldn't come to a mutual understanding.

By the time September rolled around, things had deteriorated between us to the point where she was having other people send me e-mails asking for me to leave her alone, as I was starting to "harass" her. At this juncture, she was having people doing her dirty work for her, sending me unsolicited e-mails, spying on me and basically smearing my good name and reputation.

October rolled around and things started blowing up big time. The other members of the clique had created a private forum called, what else, "Ye Olde Village Pub". I was initially invited to join this little grouping, but I declined for various reasons. After a bit of badgering and cajoling, I decided to leave one post saying my goodbyes and such. I tried signing up, but after about two hours or so, I still couldn't get in. So, being the self-centered person I was, I fired off an e-mail to the admin of the forum and to RH. Also fired one off to HRP asking her to post my goodbye for me (found out later that she didn't, but did spread nasty lies about me).

An item hit the proverbial fan as all things broke loose. For proof, click on this link called Pub 2 and start with post #699 made by MfA. The beginning of the end started there.

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