Friday, June 13, 2008

"The Topix Jungle": Chapter 7 (Showdown 2)

As all things broke loose and I was getting bombarded on all fronts with the garbage that HRP was spreading about me, both publicly and privately, manipulating friends into hating me (some of them permanently, I desperately needed a place to regroup and recalibrate.

I had met some interesting people during the late spring/early summer in a PA forum called, "The Morning Call". At that time, they were (and still are) residing on a thread called, "The Friendship Thread". So off I went to (temporarily) lick my wounds and regroup a little. After regrouping and getting my head back together (sort of), I headed back to Top Stories to bring things to head once and for all. The only way I knew how to bring everyone out in the open was to start shooting my mouth off (no comments from the peanut gallery), but how to accomplish that goal was going to be a little tricky.

About the time I was getting ready to launch my opening salvo, Topix introduced a brand new concept to the forums: the poll. So, being the assertive individual I was, I decided to create a poll about myself.

Brief interlude here folks. In order to get a sense just how bad things had gotten between myself and the Pub clique, I want to share with you part of an e-mail that was sent to me by Billy R, on behalf of HRP, telling me exactly what he/she thought of me (to this day, I strongly believe that Billy has a thing for HRP. There are solid reasons as to my theory, which fortunately will remain unstated.)
  • HRP asked me to write to you and try to explain something. For quite some time now,you have been obsessing about her,and it REALLY bothers her.You started quite some time showing a remarkable amount of jealousy towards her whenever she would talk to any man(especially me).I find it weird that you are more jealous of her relationship with me (and several other men) than her own husband is. So,you decide to say that you are going to leave topix (apparently you had no plan to really leave),and post bunches of pathetic posts ,which were in reality nothing but a sad pathetic attempt to get people to write in and tell you how great you are,and beg you to stay. You claimed responsibility for all the funny stuff on topix,and insinuated that if not for you,none of us would be friends.(Its pretty sad that you actually believe that.) In the midst of all this,you post several insulting remarks to Nancy ,immediately followed up with some begging for her attention.You’ve really been quite schizophrenic about her,and it’s troubling. Now,the latest thing is you sending her the copies of your pornographic novel. Why on earth would you think she wants to read that kind of filth?You know(or should,anyway) that she is not that kind of lady. As close as she and I are,I would never dream of sending her that kind of stuff.Your rather thinly veiled fantasies are really quite sickening to her. So,to get back to the original question you posed,should you leave her alone for the rest of the year? That’s a start,but not quite enough.Leave her alone forever.Don’t call,don’t write,don’t e-mail,don’t anything. Leave her alone. If she wants to get a hold of you,she will.But I wouldn’t count on it happening

My response to this sack of lies was this: Just to clear up one particular point. What I write is definitely NOT about her. What I wrote, I wrote at least two years prior to coming onto topix. As for the current stuff, that was based on a short story that I showed to her at least one month prior to meeting you. As I recalled, she thought it was good. I even asked her advice about the chapters I sent to her. If you think its filth or pornographic, that's your problem and no one elses. As for having fantasies about her, I don't. I never have and I never will. As for insulting remarks about her, I've never have insulted her nor have I posted anything insulting about her. Jealousy? Please, I don't think so. Why would I be jealous? However let me say this about you: All your assumptions about me are wrong. I still don't like you and I never will like you.

One point I would also want to make is that she forwarded an e-mail to this miscreant that I had originally sent to her, but she didn't have the testicles to answer me directly.

This e-mail was actually the opening salvo to my private correspondence being sent off to various other people to use and abuse. This personal correspondence, as you will see, made it to the poll that I created Columbus Day weekend, or what I like to the call, The Columbus Day Massacre...

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