Sunday, June 15, 2008

"The Topix Jungle": Chapter 8 (Columbus day weekend)

So, on October 5, 2007 I created a poll about myself, called "What is your opinion of me?" and waited for the masses to offer their opinion.

I didn't have long to wait, as everyone came crawling out of the woodwork. The bulk of the nastiness came from four basic sources: Matt from Akron and PaisleyPosey (who I have tremendous respect for), and HRP and Billy R (who I don't). Suffice to say, I was buried so far down in the ground that I met Beatrix climbing past me to get her revenge against Bill.

It really brought things to a head, and I basically found myself in a twelve on one verbal assault. Try as I might, I really was no match for the arrows that were being shot my way. Part of what was thrown my way, was the personal correspondence that HRP saw fit to pass on to everyone. The rest was what I had posted the previous several months that Paisley saw fit to dig up and use.

When the dust settled five days later (yes it only took five days to wipe the ground with me), I was one hurtin' puppy dog. These people who I thought were my friends (remember this is 2007, not the present), basically took me on a one way ride to meet Jimmy Hoffa. The months may have passed, but the hurt is still there.

The hurt will always be a part of me. I may have forgiven most of the participants for what they did to me, and they have felt nothing but genuine remorse for it, but for me to truly say how I feel about the matter, would only force me to put an adult rating on this blog. So for the time being I will say only this: to this day, the only posts I read on that thread, is post #1 and post #165.

So after picking myself up, knocking the dust off my clothes and checking my jaw to see if any teeth were knocked lose, I meandered off to Offbeat and PA to recuperate. For the next couple of weeks, I basically tip-toed around PaisleyPosey, as she was/still a frequent inhabitant of Offbeat. Eventually, an uneasy truce was made between the both of us, basically a live and let live kind of thing. I didn't bother her, and she didn't bother me. As a matter of fact, during the Prayerful One troll war {much more on that later}, I went out of my way to defend what she did to me.

By late November, things had settled down somewhat. I avoided Top Stories like the plague and concentrated on rehabbing my rep and my attitude. Additionally, I slowly got back onto speaking terms with a few of the participants: PaisleyPosey and A Bug and A Wish. Wasn't friends with them, but we had reached a mutual understanding on things.

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