Thursday, June 19, 2008

"The Topix Jungle:" Chapter 9 (Winter 2007)

By December, I had repaired the relationships with Bug and Paisely well enough to start exchanging online pleasantries and e-mails. I was still down and out with a few others, most notably Matt from Akron and his cohorts, so I pursued a course of 'ignorance is bliss'. Basically out of sight out, out of mind.

As I tripped along rehabbing my rep and attitude, a marked change of attitude seemed to hover over some parts of Topix. Most of the original clique had left for greener pastures, either in other forums on Topix or in private forums. In Offbeat, a noxious cloud of juvenile stupidity created by a crybaby poster and his retarded friends, was recently dispersed, but very hard feelings lingered in the background (still do to this day).

As for me, I guess a change of attitude happened as well. I started to get a bit more nastier and a lot more cross with other posters, which didn't fully blossom in all its glory until the spring.

One other important thing I would like to say before turning the calendar page: What had happened to me, wound up happening to the other major participants in my little war, although on a smaller scale. Suffice to say, to untangle all the various tangents and components, in order for any of it to make sense, would 1) reopen old wounds and 2) violate promises I had made to others. I will say only this: A control freak will eventually show its true colors, no matter how well it tries to hide the past.

If anything, one very good thing came out of this mess when 2007 melted into 2008: PaiselyPosey, A Bug and A Wish, and myself, became as close as three people from IN, OH and CT could ever possibly become.

So ends this particular section of my user guide called "The Topix Jungle". As we move into 2008, the next batch of entries will be entitled, "Guerilla Warfare".

Pretty it won't be, but it will sure be butt ugly.

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