Friday, July 11, 2008

Chat Room Musings

How do again.

After thinking about it for most of the day, I decided to touch base again on the topic of Chat Rooms. Normally, I try not to touch on the same major topic twice in a week, but since my last one was a special occasion post about a dearly departed poster who was a major influence on Topix, I feel confident enough to touch base on said topic again.

I had mentioned the fact when I had first started posting on this blog, that I had three personas on Topix, one of which was my real name and suspended for transgressions that I don't agree with. As of a couple of days ago, I decided to do, in the lovely parlance of today's business world, a re-org of my personas.

With my Cedar Mountain persona, I have relegated him to the Offbeat forum and my local forums. When I'm posting as this persona, it's much like posting here: erudite, confident without being arrogant, and more than able to push people's buttons.

As for my Da Bishop persona, in the keeping with the ability of ex-state employees to pad their pension, I made him a consultant (think Dogbert). He'll make an appearance on random threads about once a week.

So now I've decided to post as myself from here. I've always liked using my first name, and my closest friends always called me this or the letter "G". Because I'm posting as myself unregistered (grayed out), it forces me to be on my best behavior. Topix usually has two different sets of rules when it comes to disciplining posters. If they're registered (have a persona), the discipline is usually stretched out, like a major league sports disciplinary process. It the poster is unregistered and they run afoul, the response is usually swift, brutal and to the point.

Because I learned my lesson extremely well from the last time I posted as an unregistered somebody (binged, purged and suspended), you will from time to time, see me make posts that simply say "Testing, testing". I do that, just make sure that the website is letting me post hassle free.

In my wanderings among the Topix universe, I had made friends in two separate waves. The first wave consisted of people who for the most part are long gone from the chat scene as the Real World has taken a firm grip. They are in no particular order of importance: PaisleyPosey, A Bug and A Wish, Okimar, Calibeachbum/Lady of The Pacific, Ricky V2, TNA4Life, D-Day is here, and Pengy, just to name a few.

Also part of that first wave, are people who have remained on the chat scene. They are in no particular order of importance: Matt from Akron, Michelle D and the gang from Pennsylvania, Vee, Grace Nerrissa, Rick/Ancient, and a select few from Offbeat, Rex from the WWE forums, Jolly 1/Beaker Jo, Flower Child, Idiot Ones and his many incarnations, and from my local forum Eddie M.

In that second wave of friendships, which happened to coincide with the creation of this blog, I didn't surf as much, but instead decided to go back to where I had made my rep, destroyed my rep and rebuilt my rep. Sort of like the Phoenix, rising up from the ashes of destruction of the person originally known by his full name, and become fully resurrected.

In no order of importance, they are: Water Nymph, River Spirit, Fish, Kay, Sister P, Seventies Chick, and the many other kindred souls in Top Stories.

I am truly blessed to be able to call these people either friends or very good acquaintances of mine. They will always be a part of me in some small way, and I hope that I continue to leave some small part of me with them.

Peace, Love and Tranquility to all. Have a sparking weekend and I'll catch everyone on the flip side of Monday. Have an incredible weekend, no matter where you are in this big wide world.

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  1. Water Nymph, River Spirit, et. al. are a good group of people. Very refreshing for Topix. 'Nuff said.


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