Friday, July 4, 2008

Complaining Gets You Nowhere, part 1

As stated previously, I was waging a one man campaign against a group of posters located in the Offbeat forum on Topix, during early spring '08. I wasn't having much luck with it, due to the fact that because certain people were retaliating against me behind the scenes, my message wasn't getting out to the masses.

Nevertheless, I continued to pour it on, and by early March, I was starting to feel the effects. By zeroing in on one particular poster, I had found myself declare persona non grata while posting under a particular name.

When the new year had started, I had decided to post as a grayed out user. Mostly because I was still suffering some of the aftereffects of the previous smear campaign that was launched against me, and partially because I wanted to start the new year off with a clean slate.

So I chose a name that a now very good friend had insulted me with on a personal thread I created last year, "Baby Gooey". Now armed with a name and a new attitude, I unleashed myself to the unsuspecting people that populated the Offbeat forum.

Unfortunately, being the kind of person that can go overboard in an extremely short period of time, I did. And I paid a very heavy price. About the time that I was being crucified in public and behind the scenes, I had decide to try found why I was initially banned and purged from Topix. I sent e-mails but got nowhere beyond a generic one asking what thread I was complaining about. Next I tried calling and leaving voice mails, but again nothing came of it.

Okay, I thought to myself, I'm not getting anywhere and I'm getting incredibly pissed off right now. What do I have to do, in order to talk to a human being there?

The answer was simple, at least for me: write a letter. So I wrote a letter and faxed it off to the forum manager. In it, I pointed out some inconsistencies and asked some key questions....

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