Friday, July 25, 2008

"Guerrilla Warfare": Chapter 2 (Summer '08)

How do.

One of the major topics I wanted to cover in this blog was my adventures in Topix, from beginning to the present, then I would go off on side tangents about assorted odds and ends in Topix. Last month (June), I had started a new group of headings called "Guerrilla Warfare", which covered my misadventures in trying to prove a point with a group of egotistical posters during the Spring.

The last post I had made about it was posting a couple of letters sent to Topix complaining about what I thought was harassment by these people and supported by Topix.

Since I needed to talk about something related to the Internet today, I thought I would revisit this particular group of headings.

So, by the beginning of May, I had begun to settle back down, sort of. I had dug out my second persona, Da Bishop, and began posting as him. But because I still had that slash and burn style of posting, my mouth was still getting me into trouble again.

About mid to late May, I got inserted into argument that spilled over into a few threads in one of the National forums. After about week or so, things died down but damage was done in the form of making new enemies and losing a couple of friends. About that time, I had wandered over to another thread called, "The Crew" and started hanging there, while trying to make some new friends. For a while it worked, but once again, I got inserted into another argument that originated someplace else and spilled over into another thread.

That one ended a few days later, but in the process I made a batch of enemies. Again. So I went wandering off back to "The Crew" thread to sort of lick my wounds and start anew. But that wasn't to be. One of the people who I had made enemies with, decided to unload on me with the precision of an AK-47. In the span of three days, during Memorial day weekend, he made a whopping 86 posts either directed towards me or about me. By the time the dust had cleared, I had put him in his place, simply by making a good complaint about him to Topix.

Again, I went wandering off to lick my wounds and to figure out just exactly what the hell I should do next with my Topix existence.

Lo and behold, that decision was soon made for me, in the form of a link to a thread about religion...

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