Saturday, July 26, 2008

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam x2, Lovely Spam, Wonderful Spam

I was racking my brains for most of the day, trying to decide what to talk about today. Everything that I had initially decided on, I had rejected as not being knowledgeable enough or had enough experience with in order to converse on an intelligent level with you.

Then after dealing with another typical asinine poster in my local chat forum (The Hartford Courant), the idea finally came to me on what I should talk about, while I was typing a response to this individual.


Not the edible kind that we all grew up on, that has at least a half dozen kinds and spawned numerous imitators. I'm talking about the kind who post the same stupid theme over and over again, on any thread that might have even a minuscule percentage of connection with them.

The thread that I got this idea on, was one called "DCF worker charged in foster child's death". There is a schmuck on it who has tried for the past week to connect his alleged problems with the state of CT (his special theme is corruption in all aspects of state govt.), with the death of this baby. No matter what solid evidence that myself and a few other intelligent posters present to him, he keeps going back to the same stupid illogical argument. I only found about his true motive yesterday (7/25) when he made his pathetic hypothesis. So to me, this guy is the local equivalent of Fred Phillips.

To continue: All chat forums in Topix have their special troll/Spammers. In addition to the aforementioned poster (who I won't dignify in identifying), there was one called Early Childhood Advocate, who attempted to turn everything into drug abuse among children; Kathleen Dickinson, who also tried to turn everything into her own personal warped crusade against the judicial system who said she was an unfit parent; Steven G Erickson, who tried to turn everything law enforcement related into his personal crusade of persecution.

Most of these people, because of the same redundancy of their posts, get scrolled over or viciously attacked for their myopic viewpoints/spam. Even on the national forums, there are dozens of people who hit on the same myopic viewpoints, depending on the topic.

Topics that get viciously hit, include anything Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual/Transgendered; anything Religious and anything Science related. On one particular Gay oriented thread, there was one person who posted under 36 different names, attacking the Gay lifestyle with the frequency of a mosquito. Curiously he never went after Lesbians, only Gays.

As for Religion, a few of the threads that I'm currently on got spammed by a dozen fundies (read: fundamentalists) who were so narrow minded in their beliefs that if you didn't believe in Jesus, you would go straight to Dante's seven rings of Hell. They got to be so bad that they even harassed a well know poster who passed away earlier this month about her belief system.

Even here in Blog land, the blogs are not immune to spammers. A blog that a good friend of my runs, was attacked by a couple of spammers, who tried to ram through their narrow minded viewpoints on his blog. Fortunately, he was able to do something about it, which was to become a real moderator for his blog. Shame really because we shouldn't have to do that with our blogs. People should be able to state their view without going off the deep end. But if you don't play by the house rules, the consequences can be severe.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that even on the Internet, the lonely people who managed to drive people away in real life due to their constant obsession over their problems (real or imaginary), will congregate and try to do the same thing in chat rooms.

So people, learn to fight spammers/trolls whenever and wherever you can. Just remember, in public forums, you have use PG-13 language in order to do it.

Here, you can simply binge and purged the comment out. Then let it rip. In the end, you will feel better.

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  1. Thanks for the honorable mention.

    If what I say were untrue I could be sued or arrested. I have challenged Blumenthal to do something. Judge google "Judencia"
    -Steven G. Erickson


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