Sunday, July 6, 2008

Writing in Paradise, 1979-2008


I thought I would share with everyone here, another snippet from my CyberWorld. As some of you may or may not know, I participate in an online forum called "Topix". I have been blessed over the past 16 months to meet some truly unique individuals. Some cold and frightening, some warm and caring.

I would like to share my thoughts, as small as they might be, about a very warm and caring poster called "Writing in Paradise". She was a very spirited, and if not well liked, an always respected poster on Topix.

I had the initial misfortune (no other way to describe it) to run into her on a thread about a smoking ban in Ohio. I came in with guns a-blazin' and shooting off my mouth about how a smoking ban in businesses was a bad thing. Well, she took exception to that and next thing I know, within a span of a few short days, was sent packing.

For the next several months, I would have occasional run-ins with her, mostly trying to chop her down to size (and failing miserably). Even though I disagreed with her outlook on certain things, I always had the most respect for her. There aren't too many people in Topix that I know of that will stick to their guns for a principle, no matter what. I admire that in a person.

Last night, this fine and young (29) wonderful lady passed away last night in her home state of Hawaii, after a long bout with cancer.

She will be truly missed by one and all.

Especially me.


  1. I for one will miss WIP. She touched my heart, and my heart is saddened with the news of her passing.

    I know she is at peace.

    My condolences go out to WIP's family, and all who knew her.

    She will be missed by many.

    -Sister Phyllis

  2. A sad loss for the Topix family. I'll miss her razor logic and utterly confident way she expressed her self. She was truly unique, in a world full of clones.

  3. From the beginning, I knew to be wary of WiP. She had an ability to cut straight to the heart of a matter and lay it open - a sure sign that she was one to examine and question and confront her own beliefs and assumptions before letting them characterize her.

    Many on Topix, both friends and adversaries, will miss her. If she had the ability to make such an impression online, then my sympathies are with those who will truly and keenly feel her absence in their daily lives. Her flight was short, but powerful.

  4. I feel the same hovering heartbreak as when Princess Di died.

  5. Wip had a way of "cutting to chase" whenever she posted. I for one will miss her posts.

    Fly high and free dear one. I got your message.

  6. People, thanks for your comments.

    I'm sure if she was here, she would be questioning about the fuss being made.

    'Tis no fuss, just the utmost respect for someone who managed to touch everyone, either good or bad.


  7. wip you will be miss . and i do wish i know you a little longer.
    as we know you are resting now and i am greatful got to know you. as we did have our disagess sometime in the pass i believe we did learn to know each other in our way i am smiling for you now wip.. miss you rest in peace

  8. WIP never pulled her punches. Everything was straight from the shoulder.

    There was no malice in her words or her approach. She assessed what you had to say, either agreed or disagreed, and let you know her view.

    She had a shrewd sense of balance and exibited much wisdom for her years.

    I don't believe I ever saw her back down. She stood toe to toe with the best topix could offer, and always, always held her own.

    Heaven's in for a surprise !!

    She will be truly missed.


    Formerly of Manchester, Storrs, etc.

  9. That she never did. I never saw her pull any punches. She was one of the few people that I saw, that was able to shoot from the lip and make it look effortless.

    She touched people in more ways that anyone could possibly imagine.

    Flight. To a new beginning.....

  10. Thanks for sharing about WiP in this blog.


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