Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Guerrilla Warfare" (Chapter 3) Summer '08

As I mentioned in Chapter 2, I was trying to decide where to go to next on my Topix journeys, when a fellow poster by the name of "Fish" told me about a particular religious based thread called "Are you winning Souls for Jesus?" that he participated on. At the time he told me of this, we were discussing the various types of unbalanced Christian fundamentalists that seemed to inhabit every nook and cranny of the Topix universe, especially prevalent in any the following thread topics: creationism, homosexuality, gay marriage, being saved, going to hell and how Christianity was above any other kind of belief (to name just a few).

I checked out the link, and low and behold, it was populated by two distinct groups of posters: Christian fundamentalists (born agains or fundies) and everyone else who either had a passing interest in God or had some other type of belief system (deist, agnostic, atheist, spiritual, to name a few).

Considering how these two groups of people were really slugging it out to the point that collateral damage was being inflicted everywhere, I felt right at home. Immediately jumping into the fray feet first, I began slamming people, especially the creator of the thread Sister Phyllis, all over the place. I mean, I was nasty. The type of posts I was creating was just barely on this side of allowable by Topix.

About two or three weeks after I had joined, the group that I had joined decided to change tactics. Since everyone was starting to get incredibly tired of the back and forth bashing of each other, they (and me) tried to convince Sister Phyllis to lighten up a little on the Bible quoting. We tried to convince her that while quoting the Bible was good at the beginning, that to put it into context as to why she was quoting whole chapters and verses would be even better.

No such luck. She kept on pressing the Bible quoting and attacked anyone who had the audacity to question her point of view. We kept on trying to make our various points about her softening her point of view and to elaborate better on why finding God was a good thing for her.

What I believe finally turned the tables and got Sister Phyllis off her high horse and down to the masses, was that she yelled at a fellow Born again poster by the name of "Kay". That got everyone pissed, including people who were siding with her begin with. She got so publicly buried by everyone that she went away for a few days.

Lo and behold, she came back with a better attitude. She started to warm up to everyone and began to put the bible quotes in the proper context on how they applied to her life. We began to warm up to her as well and decided as a group to make a concentrated effort to get along.

Around the beginning of July, as things were humming along like a well oiled machine, a lug wrench was thrown into the works. A well know poster, Writing in Paradise, passed away on the 4th.

Within days of her passing, all hell broke loose....


  1. I haven't visited that thread in some time. I just got so burned out, even after everyone started playing nice. A lot of that had to do with the intense WiP memorial threads. Damned fundies. Such caring people...

  2. Yeah I know.

    But it really has gotten better on that particular thread and the other memorial thread as well.

    Right now, according to some, because I'm not saved, I'm going to hell.

    Such is life


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