Monday, August 25, 2008

Online Friends In The Real World Are A Blast To Be With

The main purpose of my vacation last week was refresh and recharge my batteries. I was becoming increasingly burned out from work/writing/chatting/blogging/the real world, and I needed both some serious alone time with the wife and some serious down time for myself.

The alone time with the wife worked out quite well for me. The down time worked out quite well too, as I decided to meet up with one of my online friends from Indiana, PaisleyPosey.

Now I know what you must be thinking, and you're right, the recommended rule of thumb is not to meet up with someone from the CyberWorld in your real world. Too many complex issues can arise from it, and the results can be disappointing, or worse.

In this case, Paisley and I had been Cyber buddies for the better part of 19 months (that's February '07) and had gotten to know each other extremely well during that time frame. Originally we had first met on a thread in Topix that was about stalkers/abusive ex's. From that initial thread, we began to move on to other threads of common interest and soon became fast friends.

After a few rough patches in the fall, we began corresponding via the e-mail, which soon moved on to communicating by land-line. By the time our one year anniversary of being on Topix rolled around, we had a very solid friendship.

Fast forward to the late spring/early summer. I had decided that this year would be the year that I would take a real vacation. I had also decided that I would take a driving vacation as well. And since I needed a destination, what better place to visit than Indiana.

So with that in mind, and knowing what Paisley did for a living and when her slow months were, I had broached the subject of visiting with her. Suffice to say, she was all for it. So plans were made on my end to schedule time off from work, and plans were made on hers. But as the saying goes, the best laid plans can always go astray, and there was no exception here. She had a wedding to attend to in FL during the early part of the week (which went off without a hitch and she made it back to Indiana well ahead of the inclement weather that hit the area).

So being the resourceful person that I am, I turned what would have been about three days of driving, into six days of an actual vacation. I hit two museums, a zoo and explored the Ohio countryside, before finally hooking up with Paisley and her husband on the 21st.

The next two days, were without a doubt, the best two days I've ever spent visiting someone. I am by nature, a private person, but Paisley and her husband made me and my wife feel like one of the family. She and her husband were the gracious hosts during our stay. Both are very glib, articulate and multi-faceted individuals, and were a blast to get to know more thoroughly.

In person, she is every bit the warm, compassionate, witty and charming individual that you see in the chat rooms on Topix. An excellent conversationalist, we even had a pleasant debate on whether or not you really needed to be saved in order to get to Heaven (she believes, I don't).

In any event, my wife felt extremely comfortable and very much at ease with Paisely. Now normally, my wife can be a bit stand offish when it comes to meeting new people that are connected with me in some particular way. But Paisely was very much able to make my wife feel what I previously mentioned, and to me, that is an excellent sign of being a very good friend.

Additionally, being the knowledgeable host that she was, she was able to give us a couple of suggestions of things to do and places to go, one of which was the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Excellent hands on place to go if you have children, or even if you don't have children.

To sum it up, meeting one of my Cyber World friends, was truly one of the best things I've done to brighten up my year. I wound up developing a better appreciation for my friend, and I would like to think that she did as well with me. And she managed to gain a brand new friend with my wife.

Paisley is one very special individual. If you ever get a chance to meet her in the chat rooms, give her a big fat hello and spend a few minutes chatting with her. Chances are, you'll learn something new and interesting about the world around you.


  1. Sounds like a great vacation Georgie B. I have some great on-line friends too but i'd need to take a flight to see them. Not out of the question of course... Narelle

  2. Thanks, it was.

    Best fun I had in over several years.

    Love to do it again with another online friend.

  3. I finally made it over here!

    I am liking your writing fella. I hope all the publishing comes together for you! I know of a couple of fellow bloggers who are doing the same. I am staying away from that side because I read other people stuff and know my stuff is nowhere near strong enough. Maybe one day I will write something for myself and friends and let things go from there! Is your book international or just the US? I would be interested in having a read!

    Now. I am a strong believer in online friends. It bridges a gap, and often leads to meeting people who are very similar. I have a lot of "online" friends who I email often, and if I ever end up in their part of the world, or they in mine, will end up buying them a beer and seeing who they are face to face. I have done already with a couple in England, but would love to branch out to seeing my American cousins as you guys seem to be the biggest audience on my site!

  4. I'm glad you made it "over here" to my neck of the woods. Will always welcome new faces with open arms.

    As for the book, as far as I know, it will be available online in the fall, via AuthorHouse. I'm pretty sure you can order from your end.

    Regarding your writing, I find your sense of humor to be quite refreshing. In a way, you're already writing something for yourself and sharing with your friends, simply by putting it on your blog.

    Your blog is always a blast. As you can see, I like it so much that I have it linked on mine. Keep up the good work, because you'll always have fan here in me.

  5. Yeah I see what you are saying. Weirdly, very few of my "real world" friends read my site. I dont really advertise it to them. I just let people find it as they do and make new online friends.

    I will keep an eye out for the book! Send me the link once it is live!

  6. With me, I've let both my "real world" friends and my "cyber friends" know about it.

    The reason for me is simple: I've kept both parts of my life separate for the better part of 1 1/2 years, and I really want people in both worlds to get to know the real me.

    As for the book, I got the second galley to go over this weekend, and when I approve it, it should be out sometime in September. Don't worry, I'll plaster links all over the blog for it.


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