Sunday, September 21, 2008

How (Not) To Get Under Someone's Skin


One of things that I find truly amazing in the chat rooms is when newbies try their very best to get under your skin. They think that by posting some publicly personal (neat oxymoron there) about you, you'll get yourself into a tizzy trying to come out with a decent putdown/insult.


Case in point: I'm on the household computer today, which is a rarity for me. I don't like using the household computer, because quite frankly its configured in a way not to my liking. In any event, when I'm using the household computer to surf the Topix forums, I log in as one of my registered personas. The reason being is that I like to keep what I got on my laptop completely separate from what I have on my tracker with my registered persona.

Anyways, I was checking a few of the threads that I normally post on, when I can across this interesting post made by an impersonator in my local forum (post #3552). As you can see, this person thinks that by posting this kind of information about me is supposed to be some kind of veiled threat/insult.

This is so not the case. I've made it known from the get-go what my other personas are: on here, and whenever someone asks me if I was either "Cedar Mountain" or "Da Bishop", because I've made more than a few acquaintances posting under those names throughout my 20 months stay.

It is public knowledge over there that I have a blog, as I have it listed on both of my infrequently used registered personas since June. It is very new public knowledge of what my e-mail addy is, because I started listing it last week. More than a few bloggers I know have e-mail addys listed on their blog, just in case if you want to drop them a line or want to ask permission to reprint a post, since everything that a person creates on a blog, with the exception of credited links, is copyrighted by the person who creates it.

So if you read my following comments, you will see that I wound up thanking the poster for the free advertising for my blog.

I suppose up next is that he/she will be making posts under my name, trying to make look like an ogre or something. I probably won't mind because the people who really know me, know that I'm not like that. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and unoriginality does little to impress anyone, especially the one you're trying to insult.

That concludes our lesson for today on how (not) to get under someones skin.


  1. next up.. How (not) to kick someone's ASS!!!!

  2. Fer shure.

    It really boggles my mind that somehow if someone digs out info that I've arleady posted about myself, that I'm gonna get upset about it and respond the same way.

    I think not.

  3. That's so bizarre and also frankly scary. I agree that it's no real threat but it's scary as to how sick people can be....

  4. Not really.

    It used to bother me early on, and I paid a price for it in late fall 2007, but now since all that people can find on me is what I choose to make public, it simply doesn't bother me.

    Especially since the references this person made was from a forum that the most of the participants seldom roam from.

    In the long run, I am comfortable in what I post and where I post it.

  5. It is actually kind of funny that you can imagine some pathetic little idiot thinking that by doing it, they are being clever. I guess you have to feel sorry for them and their lacking existence that they think they are being clever in doing it.

    The human race is such an interesting species! We should all be like monkeys. They know how to party.

  6. It is.

    Sad thing is that he came over from another forum to bother me.

    I have an idea who he is, but since other people took him out to the woodshed to use the old leather belt on him, I have no doubt in my mind that he won't trouble me any further.


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