Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why Am I Still Doing This?

No, this is not about doing my blog. I haven't gotten that point yet. When I do, I will send out a major S.O.S. to all my friends in the RW and CW for topical help.

This is about the other definition of blogging, which most of the general public confuses with what is done here: chat rooms.

There have been points in my chat room existence, which other people can readily verify, when I've suddenly gone off on people for no particularly discernible reason (Most notably, this happened earlier this year, when I went off on someone and got myself purged and suspended).

Right now, I've hit that proverbial brick wall with the chat rooms. I find myself becoming increasingly unhappy and frustrated with the chat rooms. I'm at the point where I've actually had to apologize to fellow posters for not posting on a particular thread. Not because I'm afraid that I would say something to offend them (well maybe), but simply I've run out of things to talk about. I have nothing in common with anyone anymore and I've grown tired of the bubble gum conversation. I know people need an outlet from the day to day worries that we all endure, but it's quickly becoming tiresome for me.

Suffice to say, I'm suffering from severe chat room burnout. The kind of burnout that necessitates taking a long leave of absence to regroup, recharge and re-org.

As I give serious thought to taking a vacation from there, or at the very least, reducing my visibility by 50%, events in other places have been giving me cause for concern.

On one hand, I've come across a newbie to the chat rooms, specifically in my local forum. He stopped by on a thread about bad teachers and tenure this past summer. About a month ago, he officially joined, and I've been trying to help steer him through the rocky Topix highway. Had some success, and earlier this evening, a bit of failure. So this has given me a glimmer of hope that I haven't seen in quite sometime.

Now, on the other hand, I've been having a troubling exchange with a poster in my sub-local forum. To explain: in the local forums run by various media outlets (like the Hartford Courant), there are forums dealing with the local towns situated within the main media forum.

So in this particular instance, I made a comment today (9/13) in my sub-local forum about how the town manager in my town is scaling back the usage of town vehicles by town employees to save money. A few hours later, I had a poster ask me a semi-personal question that almost no one would know about, at least while posting as my blog persona. This particular bit of info isn't really common knowledge in the local forums unless you happen to know me from my registered personas.

Since I only hang ten in a few threads in my local forum, you can imagine my surprise when this person asked me this. I did answer their question, but after going on a walk later in the afternoon and giving it some thought, I'm really concerned about this particular poster. The ISP that I encountered is quite rare to begin with, and since I personally know a few people from that area of the state, this could potentially blow up in my face.

Privacy. It's a bitch to have, and even worse to protect.


  1. I don't know SHIT about chat rooms. They scare me.

  2. Yeah, they can scare a lot of people.

    But it's like any other online thing that you might use.

    Once you get the hang of it though, it's really very easy to use and abuse.

    And that's the sheer beauty of it.

  3. Sounds like someone did some digging, or ran into someone that knows one of your general Topix registered personas.

  4. Actually, it's a bit more personal than that.

    Suffice to say that this person and I have mutual friends.

  5. There is something said for the benefits of not having a cell phone signal or ability to get on line.

    Life needs to be lived, not spent away typing in forums and chat rooms. If I sell one of my screenplays in a big way, you may not see me much online. I'll find a place somewhere, maybe in Europe where I don't get a cell signal or ability to get out online.

    People will be absolutely rude and say things they'd never say if the person was right in front of them. Those typing online should remember they are blasting and writing to real people, not someone or something imaginary.

  6. So very true.

    It took me about a year to realize this particular fact. The flame wars I currently see in the chat rooms, simply wouldn't happen if the same encounters took place in the real world.

    Good luck in shopping your screenplay around.


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