Friday, October 3, 2008

When (My) Cyber Worlds Collide

I was going to make a silly post today about what I usually do when I'm bored and nothing of interest is happening on Topix, but today something happened earlier this evening that gave me something to think about.

Yes, you are right about the fact that sometimes I read too much into things, and that sometimes a cigar is just that: a cigar.

For the second time in about three weeks or so, one section of my life collided with another section of my life. I explained previously what happened to me the first time that the Real World collided with my Cyber World, and how it got under my skin for the rest of that particular week. This time it's a little more different as two major parts of my Cyber Word (chat rooms and blogs) collided with each other, or should I say, sideswiped each other.

Some backing info: back in July I had written a post about encountering trolls and spam in the chat rooms. Among the things I mentioned were a few of the more interesting posters that I had met in my local forum, one of which was a poster called Stephen G. Erickson.

Mr. Erickson was one of those legendary posters in my local forum back in 2007, who managed to obscure any legitimate point he was trying to make (and I admit, he did have some scattered throughout his posts), by being what I and everyone else there came to the conclusion of, overbearing. By the time 2008 rolled around, he either left the forum of his own free will or was politely shown the door by the moderators, as I didn't see much of him during the past year. Or maybe he was/is still there and due to his topic of choice, our paths never crossed.

Earlier this evening while I was checking my e-mail, I was notified of a comment that was made on one of my posts. Looking at what story was being commented on made me scratch my head, due to the fact that the story was posted in late July of this year. Intrigued, I clicked on the profile, and to my surprise it was the aforementioned Mr. Erickson's profile, which had two blogs listed.

Being the curious sort of individual that I am when comes to new people commenting on my blog, I checked one of his. Seems to have a focus on all things political in CT, which I thought was interesting. I decide to leave a comment on one of his posts, and basically stated that for the first time in my blogging/chat room life, I was left speechless. I also thanked him for visiting and I told him I was very much surprised that he did so.

The one thing I didn't ask, but will now, is this: How did you find out about my blog, and why did you comment on a post that was at least two months old? I know I have my blog addy posted on all three of my personas, but as far as I know, I haven't crossed paths with you as a registered poster in quite some time.

I really am curious as to the how and why, and Mr. Erickson (sorry, I can't really bring myself to call you by your first name, it just doesn't sound right to me) if you're reading this, could you be kind enough to grace my blog one more time with your presence to answer this for me?

If not, I will understand, and instead will simply wish you continuing success with your blogs. And again, thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. I'm obviously not Mr. Erickson ;-) but I have had a similar experience where I post on someone famous-ish, and a few times, they actually came on to comment.

    Internet's amazing, isn't it?

  2. If you go to google, there is a pull down menu from a "more" tab. I selected "blogs" and did a word search on my name, "Steven G. Erickson" and found your blog and that past post.

    You can word search all blogs searchable by google doing that.

    You can find others blogging in agreement, or disagreement, on almost any topic.

    I used to blog on at a time when there weren't many blogs at all, so was getting 5000 to 10,000 hits a day. Was recognized when I was in Gulfport, Mississippi, after Katrina hit, from someone recognizing me from there. I was recognized many other times and places and still think it odd.

    If I ever get justice in my case, I'm considering changing my name and pulling off all of my blogs. When you post your opinion, photos, and videos on line they take on a life of their own. Just making a single comment online can get you fired from a job or even prevent someone from dating you.

    If I could go back to the time I spent 100's of thousands of dollars buying and fixing up Connecticut rental properties, and not did that, you would not see my name, photos, and videos all over the internet.
    -Steven G. Erickson

  3. I agree with your points there that sometimes things that you say online can come back and bite you in the butt.

    Blogging/chatting will always be a double-edged sword.

    That said, I do appreciate that fact that you took the time to come back and explain why you visited in the first place.

    It was, and will always be, endlessing fascinating for me to see snippets of other people's lives away from the chat rooms.

  4. Pink-ink:

    Very amazing indeed.

    When I first came online in Feb '07, the thought never even occured to me that 20 months later, I would be blogging and experiencing a whole new world on the Internet.

    Meeting brand new people who are more based in reality than some of the people I've seen in the chat rooms, is something that has really touched me in more ways than I can possibly describe.

    For that, I am grateful for each and every person I've come into contact with, either through my blog or through others elsewhere.

  5. Yes please.

    And a big old "I told you so" as well for a chaser.


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