Thursday, December 11, 2008

Delusional Zealotry


I was composing another chapter of the Library Chronicles when I came to the realization that in order to do it right, I needed to spend a full day writing it out. Thus, it is being shelved until Saturday.

In it's place, is still yet another snippet of my life as a hardcore chat room aficionado. On November 9th of this year, a thread popped up called "End Thanksgiving Cruelty", which was about the killing of turkeys. The debate went relatively well until a poster came aboard that we'll call B.i.B.i.

She immediately started spamming the thread with her inflexible viewpoint on vegetarianism. Suffice to say, she made enemies out both types of posters that were on there: meat eaters (like myself) and non-meat eaters. After about two weeks of this nonsense, she disappeared. Mostly because she annoyed a few posters to the point that one of them decided to start posting as her by using her real name. Well, she got completely bent out of shape about it. We tried to warn her about using her real name in the chat rooms, but because of her clouded judgement, she ignored us.

Note: Never, ever, ever use your real name in a chat room. Make one up, or modify the one you have (like I do).

For the next couple of weeks, things were quiet as the rest of us took over the thread and turned into a nice chat thread. We even had someone from one of the national forums stop by to chat for a while. Things were just getting back to some kind of semi-normalcy (after a couple of days of tense conversation over a few minor problems), when all of sudden, Ms. B.i.B.i. made a noisy return by spamming the thread with about 2o comments or so, all cut and pasted.

At the very end of that rant, you will see my response plus everyone else's, once they get a load of the garbage she posted. It ain't pretty.

This my friends, is what happens when you come on a thread and start hurling bombs all over the place. Hysterically telling people that they're wrong simply because they disagree with your viewpoint and insulting them to the nth degree is not how you go about convincing other people of your viewpoint.

This person has earned the reputation (right or wrong) of being a psychotic bitch. Sorry gang, but that's my personal opinion, which a few other people actually share with me. Now this person is such an annoying whack job and bugged the absolute shit out of me so bad, that I actually went and did something that was completely out of character for me. I won't tell you what I did, but suffice to say, it was pretty serious.

So people, please take this bit of advice when it comes to chat rooms: Do not, I repeat, do not under any circumstances, use your real name in the chat room. You may piss off someone (like me) to the point where they go to the edge and give very serious thought about dropping off, or you may piss off someone who simply doesn't care about the end result and will get even.


  1. I guess that's why I DON'T go to chat rooms....

  2. Yeah, it can be a minefield, if you don't go in there with both eyes open.

    Go in there blind, and this is the end result.

  3. I use my real name all over the place. Well, I don't go into chat rooms.

    As a writer, I feel like I need to get my real name out, and I see so many other writers (published and unpublished) do it.

    Am I being too open?

    I suppose if it ever becomes an issue, I could have an unlisted number.

  4. Okay, I checked that thread.


    The woman has too much time on her hands.

    It's probably why I don't worry about posting my real name. I don't go on rampages like she seems to be on. I try to be respectful towards others I might disagree with.

  5. Aw, c'mon... tell us what you did...

  6. Pink Ink: I can definitely understand the need to get your name out there when pursuing your craft. Even I got my real name attached at my other blog.

    But there's always a fine line when you have your name out there. Because I'm such a hardcore user of the chat rooms, I have to tread that fine line when it comes to getting my name out there. Most of the people in the chat rooms know my real first name and some even know my last name as well, so I have to be extra vigilant when out and about on the 'net.

    It is a necessary thing to get your name out there. You just have to careful where and how you do it.

    As for that other person, yes it does seem that she has too much time on her hands. But as the other commenter just above me has pointed out numerous times, those types, no matter what the topic is, tend be a very large percentage that occupies the chat room forums.

    Gumby: Are you kidding me? I briefly delved into that "unsavory side" of 'net surfing. That's how how annoyed I got with her.

  7. Whatever happened to lets agree to disagree and all that? I do think that for some folks, like that psycho chick, chat rooms and the like may be their only way to expres their pov's so thay have to belabor their opinions. Thanks for the warning of using my real name if I should start chatting someday.

  8. You're more than welcome.

    Sometimes it not that easy to agree to disagree with someone.

    Like I pointed out here and on yours, I had a jerk follow me from the chat rooms to here. I found him to be beneath contempt to begin with back in September when I first came across him, and I find him to the same way now.

    But yeah, sometimes chat rooms are the ultimate bully pulpit for people like my troll and that psycho chick that has been bothering you. Usually, they're all air and nothing else.

    You just got to learn to ignore them and live your own life.

  9. Ooo, Georgie, I'm sure whatever you did she deserved it. Even you can take only so much crap.

    Psycho B. Why can't she just get a life?

    I still have never been in a chat room, and perhaps never shall but if I do I might be Fannie Junster. Or Louise Brunhilda Hepcott III.

  10. Perhaps.

    But if I didn't have such good morals and ethics, I would have gone much farther with it than I did.

    Chat rooms can be a blast.

    Sometimes though, it might be best to start of small, like on a community board where the rules are more stringent and the pace is slower.

    MSNBC has a decent one. Yahoo has one called "Answers", but that is more like a Q & A forum.

  11. I don't go to chatrooms...too much...of what you are describing. And yes I have to protect your anonymity on-line.

  12. You got to nowadays. Unless you're comfortable in putting your real name out there in the chat rooms, don't do it.

    Even though I post under two or three different made up names, I've been there for so long that people call me by me real first name anyways.


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