Friday, January 30, 2009

Slammed, Buried, And Otherwise Disrespected

Well.....but first, the disclaimer:

Warning: This post may contain objectionable grammar and a unpleasant tone. I apologize in advance for the objectionable grammar, but not for the unpleasant tone. book has been out for a little over two months, and for the most part, the reviews have been positive.

However, in the past three weeks, a couple of people have stated their dislike for my novel and have decided to tell the world publicly about it. And by telling the world about it their dislike for it, some collateral damage was inflicted as well.

One person, who knows me from way back in the day, bought my book and didn't like it. They disliked it so much that for the past three weeks, they've been posting in the chat room where I hang my hat, disparaging the book and me, through insults, innuendos and obscenities. And to show what a B.M.O.C. they are, they're using a proxy server and have been using my characters names for their name.

Their main problem right now is a conflict of interest: they stated publicly that I crave the attention and if they went away, I would be disappointed (click here and examine post #3226). But for the past three weeks, they been prattling on and on about me with no apparent end in sight.

The second person, what they did was a lot more hurtful, because I considered this person to be good friend of mine. Even though we dropped down to e-mailing about once a month, I still thought of her as a decent person.

But, she came online about week ago, also disparaging both me and my book, just like the first person. However, she soon crossed that line of legality, when in a sad attempt to prove that I had a sick mind, she posted an excerpt from the book without my permission.

Now I really didn't know that it was her until the 26th, when she demanded that I tell everyone about a deal I made with her. That's when it dawned on me who I was dealing with. Let me tell you gang, when someone who you used be good friends with, decides to turn on you because they didn't like what you wrote, it really and truly does hurt.

As for the collateral damage? That happened when, in the process of trying to figure out her identity, I called her "Chris". A poster, who shall remain nameless, took offense because she thought I was talking about her (her real name is Chris). She left two very nasty and disgusting posts, covering the same tired ground that the lies she believed to be true, already covered.

I'm gonna keep fighting the good fight, but it really bums me out that a former friend turned on me so bitterly. The other two posters, one who's a gutless coward and the other a gullible twit, I don't give rat's ass about. My former friend, her I'm giving really serious thought about taking to court about her posting that excerpt. It doesn't bother me that she didn't like the book, but it does bother me that she tried to make it so personal.

Writing. It can be a bitch sometimes. We all dream of being controversial at some point in our life, but this is taking it to the extreme.
Update: I created this post on Jan 26th. Since then, the post that showed the excerpt that I had linked to has been removed (along with two other posts elsewhere) by the moderators due to a complaint I made about copyright infringement.


  1. Man, that sucks.

    I write all the time, and am currently trying to pound out "The Great American Novel" with little success. I have never claimed that I was a good writer...

    I have dreams of writing something everyone and their brother will love, but I also know that I am a nobody who has never been published before (unless you consider an article in the local county paper about business attire), and that the folks who read whatever I write will probably not really even care.

    I feel for you. I really do. It sucks that people you know can turn on you so quickly. But, I think you should definitely keep doing what you do, pushing forward, and to Hell with everyone else.

    (Although I would sue the pants off the ex-friend who posted that excerpt...just to prove a point!)

    ~JMS @
    Random Ramblings

  2. Wow, some of those passages must have hit close to home for them. You'd hope they'd be a little more objective. It does bother you when people try to hurt you in this way. I hope it calms down soon.

  3. wow.

    It's shocking sometimes how quickly little things can turn into huge ordeals.

    My advice? Try your best to ignore them. Every author has people passionately out to get them and has seemingly devoted their lives to bring down that author. Basically, don't let the haters bring you down.

    good luck.

  4. I want to address my comment to everyone (JMS, Charles and Kyle) because my answer will cover quite a bit.

    I didn't think that it hit so close to home. In regards to the ex-friend, her slamming me over it completely blindsided me. I had sent her about ten chapters of my first draft back in '06 and she didn't really have a problem with it or anything else that I had sent to her.

    As much as I would like to ignore them, I feel right now that taking the fight to them is the best defense I can do.

    If I was a newbie, it wouldn't bother me so much, but because I've been there for so long, I have a reputation to maintain. I try to give people the 411 as much as possible in regards to me and my book.

    Overall, I think that their main objection was the amount of sex (moderate) and violence (moderate) that is contained in the book.

    It's funny, but the people who have been ragging on me about it, were using that excerpt and this blog as proof that I'm somehow unbalanced and that I'm like this in real life.

    My question for them is this: If you like a particular gener, say horror for example, do you think that the person writing it is exactly like that in real life?

  5. Hi George. Since I've been seeing many of these posts I was surprised to find that the person who posted the piece from your book is a woman. Very unexpected, and I felt that because of the rancor this person was displaying it was a man.

    Sorry it all turned so ugly, but it's been quiet for a couple of days.


  6. Why do people have to be so mean? Probably becasue they are not making their own dreams happen.

    Write on Georgie!

    And I hope you come to find some peace. And soon because you're too good a guy to be sad over some twit and some jerk.

  7. I thought so at first, but that was because some of the early comments she made were behind the scenes general knowledge that a only a few males knew about.

    Gradually the writing (and commenting)style showed itself to be a woman, and with the last questions she asked, I was able to figure out (sadly) who it was.

    I'm really not sure what I'm gonna do in the long run about her. I guess I'm gonna have to play it by ear.

  8. Jannie:

    I'm really looking for that peace of mind right now.

    It's been a hellacious, stressed out, stomach churning, depressing week.

    And thank you for the compliment.

  9. Goodness Gracious dude - ya poor cookie. I don't think chat rooms are ever going to be my thing.

  10. Chat rooms are a great way to meet new people and explore the world around you.

    That said, it's no worse or no better than if you were on Facebook, MySpace or any other of those social networking sites.

    If you treat it like the world, it can bite you back.

    My advice is if you decide to go for it, explore it without commenting. That is the only true way to watch 25% of the world population act like jackasses.

    The other 75% of the world acts like responsible adults.

  11. Well, I'll never publish my Grade 9 novella Mr T vs Tori Amos in any kind of form then...the Toriphiles are hardcore...

    Seriously, some people...eedjits...

  12. Georgie - do something nice for yourself this weekend. I hope things get better. Lynn

  13. Miles: Yes some people are mentally deficient.

    Lynn: I'm thinking about doing that very thing.

  14. Mornin' George.

    This is kind of why I don't reveal too much of myself on the forums. There's too much of a mob mentality over there. I felt free to reveal things here because I can see these people are not out for blood. Two very different worlds. The less those forum vultures know the better.

    The good news is that things always blow over and I see the forums are still quiet so you may be in luck.


  15. Actually, I did learn my lesson on that. Because I had gotten so hammered in '07 over my personal info being used (behind the scenes), I just basically rehash what is already on the forums to begin with.

    The other people who had fried me this month already dislike me to begin with.

    The VA poster is someone from another forum (this I found out elsewhere); The one from TN disliked me last year, then liked me, then through a hissy fit when I used her name and now dislikes me; and of course, my ex-friend (who is probably delivering payback for what happened between us in the past couple of years).

  16. Hope you're feeling somewhat better about this now? I know how things can sting so much at first.

  17. I'm feeling much better thanks.

    I was really able to talk things out with a few of my friends/co-workers about these issues.

    It still hurts to a small degree about what was done to me, but as they say, life goes on. One chapter gets closed and a fresh one gets opened.

  18. Hmmm... is this "her" someone I know?

  19. No.

    It's not that person. It wasn't her writing style.

    The things that this person knew I definitely didn't tell the YOVP crew back then.

    I figured out her identity when she asked her last question of me.

    She hasn't made an appearance since I wrote this post. Not sure if it was because she got banned by Topix or that she made her point, but so long as she doesn't bother me, I won't bother her.


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