Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sometimes, Writing Can Be An Animal Of The Female Persuasion

Continuing on a theme from the last post (of which I spoke in generalities), this month for me has a been an adventure, writing-wise.

For the past three weeks or so, I've been hammered and vilified for my writing, my book and my blog.

I've been called: a sick, immoral person; a person who craves attention; a hack; a cyber bully; a person who needs psychiatric help; a pervert; and my personal favorite, "toxic".

My writing has been described as: putrid; whiny; horrible; and needy.

My blog has been described as: putrid; craving attention; horrible; and my personal favorite, "being all about me".

I've been a devotee of chat rooms since Feb '07, and with the exception of a self inflicted gunshot wound in Sept/Oct '07 and Jan-May '08, I've been basically flying under everyone's radar.

Until now.

The anonymity of the Internet makes it so incredibly easy to play what I like to call "Keyboard Commando" (basically, someone who is all hot air and hot stuff on the 'net, but can't back up their mouth in the real world. for the most part, someone who posts unregistered with a fake name). They bloviate, reel off either one line insults or detailed diatribes, and basically do hit and run posting. What I mean by "hit and run" is that they'll come by, make a couple of inflammatory posts, then leave and not hang around to see the response.

Now at first glance, you might be saying to yourself, "Georgie, how can you tolerate these personal attacks?"

The answer might surprise you. For the most part, I'm tolerating these attacks pretty well. The only person who has inflicted the most hurt, has been my ex-friend.

With the rest of the posters who have been laying into me, they've been doing it with tunnel vision. To whit:

1) Overboard with badmouthing of my book. Granted, no one likes to hear that someone doesn't like what you wrote. But, to go so far over the top and make about 30+ posts about it (and posting an excerpt designed to prove your point), only defeats the purpose. Makes you look like a whiny self centered brat.

2) Overboard with badmouthing of my blog. Yes, I've had people badmouth my blog. They say it's all about me and my need to be the center of attention. Well, aren't blogs about what the person who created them had in mind? This particular comment has continuously blown my mind because it makes no sense. In any event, to keep badmouthing my blog, only makes some people curious enough to check it out. For that, I actually thanked the posters because I've gotten an uptick in traffic to it again.

3) Overboard with saying I need to be the center of attention. This one makes no sense either. If you think that I need to be the center of attention, then why are you making me the center of attention? I mean, I've had well over 150 posts directed at me during this current onslaught, and about 65% are saying that the world does indeed revolve around me. And so far, these people by saying that over and over again, are proving what their insult was intended to be.

4) Finally, going overboard with saying that my writing sucks. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, "And your point is what, exactly?" My writing may not be the greatest there is right now, but it has gotten substantially better since I wrote the book. I did have editing help with the book (serious hatchet job done. more details can be found under the labels "Agents", "Writing", and "Novel"), but the end result is mine, and mine alone. How I wrote back in '05/06 shouldn't be compared to how I write now. I was very much a novice/newbie back then, but in the past 3 years, I've expanded my knowledge and continuously worked on my writing skills.

Yes, writing can be a bitch. And to open yourself up to ridicule in the chat rooms, is not what I would recommend as option #1 in trying to establish yourself as a writer. But I figure if I can draw a few extra faces to my blog (and thus, expose people to my writing and perhaps to other blogs) because of what's been going in the chat rooms, then I consider it a good trade off.

Extremely painful to be sure, but a good trade off.

I hope.

This concludes what turned into a two part, major league rant about my month of January. My apologies for it. Hopefully, this will be the last time in a very long while that I'll be covering this particular issue. I sincerely thank you for putting up with my little diatribe. Since everyone commented on this issue at my last post, I will completely understand the reluctance of commenting on this one.


  1. Sounds like you've stirred up a real hornet's nest. Face it, though, you're obviously important to some folks. ;)

  2. Yeah, I'm important all right. It just seems for the wrong reasons though.


  3. Georgie, it's very understandable you'd want to write this post. The last time I checked this was Your blog, so You write about You. Period. A lot more of us like you than do not!

    Obviously those folks have issues and insecurities they're dealing (or perhaps not dealing,) with.

    And hey, congrats on the uptick of stats! Sounds like you've got some new readers, ones who can judge for themselves about your blog.

  4. Thanks.

    One of the main reasons I took my up friends suggestion last year, was so that I wouldn't have to deal with people like the type I come across in chat rooms, in regards to my writings.

    Here, I can be myself and control my own destiny and not have to worry about someone else controlling mine.

  5. Wow. It always surprises me how much energy people put into other people like this. It always befuddles me: don't they have something better to do?

    I'm sorry you've been in the midst of such things!

  6. I have self-ejected from 2 previous chatrooms because of the appaling attitude of a few, well ok a lot of the fellow communicants. One was writing based, one fellow (so called) medical professionals.

    The faceless internet almost legalises the ranting and raving folk. What sanction is there? If they break copyright, fairly easy to go to ISP or moderator and get it down.

    If it's just their bile flowing freely then almost no way to stop it. So, why bother in the first place?

    Those of us who scribble and scrawl fiction do it for money or as a hobby, very occasionally both. The ratio of earners to hobbyists must be around 1: 10,000 in the virtual world.

    So, by normal human psychopathology stats, in that 10,000 there will be around 100 with serious personality disorders, very nasty folk if not frankly bonkers.

    They can do what seems to be enormous damage from their PC's. often because they have sh1t out in real life.

    Therefore, ignore them and look forwards (I Know, easier said than done). If you see them posting on your blog, delete it unread (assuming you have moderation set up) they will soon go elsewhere to get thier kicks.

    If within a chat room, why waste your skills on the other wazzers, move on.

    end of rant; bill in the post!


  7. Dave: I am impressed with this comment of yours. It sounds like one of mine when I launch off on a boob in the chat room (fyi: I tolerate coloful language on my blog).

    In any event, I was able to get the excerpt pulled. The only reason why I gave serious consideration to going further, is that I know who the person was who did it.

    The main reason why I stick around chat rooms, is that I still have friends there and sometimes, the bad publicity I get helps drive traffic to my blog, and perhaps my book.

    Painful, yes. But good in the long run.

    Spyscribbler (I love that name): You would think that they would have something better to do, wouldn't they?

    I've seen stuff and participated in the same that would curl your hair and turn your stomach.

    It's just that nasty of an online world there.

    For the most part, I've been able to let this roll off my back. This incident, now about a week and half removed, has reminded me once again that some people will get their two cents in, no matter what happens in the long run.

  8. Yikes. I am so sorry.

    I'm glad to see that you seem to be taking things with a grain of salt.

  9. Thanks.

    A grain a salt, a dash of pepper and a teaspoon of hot sauce.




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