Thursday, April 30, 2009

Audio Dynamyte

With this story, my other blog will now officially become "Adult Oriented". Which means that before you can actually go to it, a simple question will appear each and every time, asking you the reader if you wish to view adult oriented material.

Clicking "yes" will let you view the blog. Clicking "no" will not. I just found out that even I have to click on "yes" everytime I want to view my blog.

This is being done in order to avoid having that blog getting flagged for objectionable content. While I'm not very fond of censorship of any kind, I'm definitely not fond of being subjected to the inconsistent whims of someone higher up in the food chain (Topix being a glaring example).

Here it's a different story, as things are clearly spelled out, and as far as I know, are uniformly enforced.

It will take a couple of months or so for the tamer stuff to work its way through the blog. Most of what I have lined up was written in March and early April. The more provocative stuff should be making its way to the blog by July.

So without further ado, I bring to you the first two paragraphs to "Audio Dynamyte", along with the appropriate linkage.
She was a voluptuous thirty-one year old redhead, full of fire and brimstone, and was wowing them on the adult lecture circuit. No matter where she spoke, she always drew a packed house.

Tonight was no exception, as the Cat's Meow was filled to capacity. A crowed of fresh faced collegians, tired businessmen and blue collar workers, were chomping at the bits waiting for her to preach.

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  1. That's a good idea, so folks don't get offended.
    Teaser got mr to read more... now need more time!

  2. That's right, you're kind of late to the discussion.

    To get you up to speed: back in March, I wrote the story in question. I was very leary of sticking on this blog simply due to the graphic ocntent, so I made a post about it, asking for a few opinions on whether I should put it on this one, or on my other one and change the overall tone/rating of the blog.

    After getting some excellent feedback, I decided to put the story on the other blog and change the rating of it as well.

  3. Hey George!

    Yes, this is the same Kyle as in the past, just with a different blog.

    Anyway, I don't like all the content flagging stuff, but you definitely made the right choice with the question thing.

    I didn't even know you had another blog.

    I'll keep tabs on it.

  4. Kyle!

    Welcome back my friend!

    You were missed. Imagine my surprise (and my dismay) that you nuked your other blog.

    Yeah, I'm not much on the censorship thing either, having come from the chat room environment that did that with great frequency, but it was for the best, as you'll see in the coming months.

    Sorry I didn't tell you about my other blog. It's been up and running since early March. I post all of my flash fiction on it now.


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