Saturday, April 18, 2009

To Chat Or Not To Chat

As most of you know, I came to the blog world via the chat rooms. And from day one through February of this year, I covered in exhaustive and sometimes excruciating detail, my entire chat room existence, from the many personas I created, to the various trolling that's been inflicted on me, and everything else in between.

I've even did a meme on ten honest things about myself as it relates to the chat rooms (sad to say, I think I lost the blogger who suggested that meme to me in the first place. Haven't seen her here since then, so I wound up delisting myself from her blog. Other sad part is that I don't think she even noticed that I'm gone.).

However, the time has now come to put that part of my life out to pasture (or stud).

A question was asked of me in early March when I announced the opening of my second blog, of where I was going to find the time to write, maintain two blogs and do other things without burning myself out.

The answer was relatively simple: I was going to cut down my presence in the chat rooms. Now, I was already leaning that way to begin with, simply because my laptop was getting nailed by a stupid virus that attached itself to Topix in early March. This was in addition to most of the chat threads getting somewhat stale, the incessant trolling by little toddlers who had nothing to better to do with their time (including bashing me and my writing, and attempting to invade my blog), and the collective IQ of about 95% of the participants being roughly their shoe size. The other 5% were and still are, tremendously intelligent and verbose.

So what I decided to do, was to simply post in the chat rooms about once a week, from my public library. I made sure to tell my close online friends about it, so that they wouldn't worry about my sudden disappearance from the scene (trust me, people do worry if you've maintained a heavy online presence for two years and then inexplicably vanish), said my goodbyes to others, and left.

Believe it or not, I don't really miss it that much. I thought I would, since it was such a integral part of my life (both online and real world), but after a pensive couple of weeks, I feel great. Sort of like when you finally change shoes and you no longer have tiny little pebbles get into them.

I won't completely shut the door on chat rooms, since it is the one thing that I have in my life that lets me act like an asshole (if need be) without worrying about the consequences. And trust me, the consequences of being on the bad side of the Topix moderators aren't really what they're alleged to be. But since I've had no behavioral issues there since April 2008, it's not gonna be problem to participate in chatting.

That said, I leave you with this one itty-bitty factoid: Topix has filters which warn you about using foul or forbidden language (fuck, shit, bitch/retard, faggot, the "n" word, etc.), which forces you to get creative about using those words, unless you're one of those people who don't really care about being warned to begin with. The other day, I was making my weekly rounds, when I attempted to leave this following post to someone:


That word got me the infamous red warning about using inappropriate language in my post. So I broke up the word and posted:

"Hi ya's"

Viola', no warning.

Chat rooms, ya gotta love them. They're like a bad t.v. program, in that you tune in every week to see if it can somehow improve, but afterwards, you vow never to watch it again.


  1. I'm not savvy on the chat stuff, so please be kind when I ask... What was wrong with saying Hiya's ?

  2. Honestly, I have no idea.

    Topix is a website that seems to thrive on controversy. I say about 50% of the time, they turn a blind eye to certain kinds of behavior.

    And more often than not, a word that one day can be used without a problem, on another can't.

    Some examples of words that got warnings:

    Boobies (that made no sense to me)

    And my personal favorite, which actually got yanked after I did it:


    For some odd reason, someone took offense to that and had it yank.

  3. I used to spend a lot of time on chat, doing role playing chat mostly, but I haven't in years and don't miss it.

  4. It is what it is.

    I thought I would miss it, but today, I actually argued with myself about whether or not I should stop by the library and do my weekly check-in.

    I did my weekly check-in.

  5. Wow. I wonder what's going on through their minds. Hmm, maybe best not to know.

  6. Chat rooms can prepare for all kinds of pointless stuff that you may never come across in the real world, but will definitely come across on the 'net.

    It really does help you formulate a "bullshit" detector.

    As for what goes through their heads, I have no idea, but I will tell you that I've come across numerous people who can work the system to perfection.


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