Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stuff You Gotta Watch

Today's post has utterly no connect with the title, as the content is most stuff that has been dribbling around in my head for quite a while. So sit back and relax while I throw out enough pointless stuff and random links to either satisfy your curiosity, or make you scratch your head and say to yourself, "What?".

1} The post title. This is actually a song by Arthur Conley. I first heard the song on a double LP called Duane Allman, An Anthology Vol II. It's a very excellent compilation of Duane Allman's body of work as a session man. If you can find it, I highly recommend picking up both volumes. The first volume contains a good chunk of his work with the Allman Brothers, while the second highlights his work as a highly sought after session man, some solo material and an early version of the Allman Brothers called Hourglass. Two of my favorite tracks on this album are a Boz Scaggs cover of a Jimmie Rodgers tune called "Waiting for a Train" and a solo piece called "Happily Married Man" (contains the best opening lyrics ever: I ain't seen my wife for two or three years I'm a happily married man).

2} Chat rooms. I've reintegrated myself back in the chat rooms, simply because I needed a place to vent, catch up with friends, and do the occasional debate. I don't wander around much there anymore, mostly because the forums have taken a decidedly heavy turn towards religion. While I don't have a problem with religion, it does get a bit tiresome seeing 100 different discussions about why God does(n't) exist. So basically, the only debate I seriously participate in, is about gay marriage. Please note, my viewpoint is this: I don't believe in it, however, I am a realist.

3} Trying to connect with former friends. Sometimes, trying to connect with former friends is a good thing. Sometimes, when the cause of the previous disconnect was indescribable mental/emotional pain, trying to reconnect is a bad thing. This was a bad thing. So after a brief exchange, I wished them well and went back to being my old humdrum self, sadder but wiser.

4} Work. Work sucks. Let me repeat, works suck. Or rather, people and this union and that union suck, which causes work to suck. To elaborate, the other day, someone called to complain that I made an error in their favor. That same someone, after I'd talked to them about it, found fault with the way I went about my dealings with him. I also found out that other people had decidedly low opinion of my people skills and thus instead of confronting me directly, chose to bitch to their labor union, which it turn bitched to my HR person, who in turn passed her concerns on to my boss, who in turn passed those concerns on to me in an early morning one-on-one. The solution to this little tete-a-tete was now after three years of going to my facility to do payroll (and thus, getting out of the office at least twice a month), it will now be brought to me at my office. Where I can inflict some special pain on everyone. Permanently.

And now, for the first of two ultimate link posts.

5} Summertime in Connecticut. I love the summertime, especially in Connecticut. I had a good time traveling last year to Indiana, via New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. But summers in Connecticut is a great thing. Especially when you live next door to the mountain that is your blog namesake. The fresh mountain air, the light chirping of birds, listening to people walk or ride bicycles, it simply does something for me. It relaxes me like nothing else can. It inspires me to great heights of creativity. It simply rocks my world and my peace of mind.

The second.

6} Blogs. This is a short story about some of the blogs that I read on a frequent basis.

One day, while I was walking down a street in downtown Abita Springs, I accidentally bumped into a relatively young lady from Austin. I said, "A thousand pardons, I was most revolting."

She said, "That's okay, good things happen every now and then to us."

I said, "Thanks. By the way, did you happen to find my diary? I think I might of dropped it while I was thinking random thoughts."

She thought for a moment, then asked, "Oh, do you mean a journal of non-sequential tangents?"

I sighed and said, "Perhaps. I think I might of dropped it on a back road somewhere. But first, I think I better take a seat under this tree for a moment and catch my breath."

She said, "Okie dokie. Take care of yourself, because it sounds like you're coming down with cold. Getting sick in the summertime is simply no fun."

"Will do," I said. "I don't want to go to the hospital, that's for sure."

Have a good day everyone, and remember driving around on daily basis can be rewarding.

7} A little reality. Nine days ago I received my lifetime handicap parking permit. As much as I want to delay the inevitable (and trust me friends, this is only part one of the inevitable), my body is breaking down just a little bit faster than I want to accept. I still have mobility, but if you want a good idea on how I walk now, just observe a toddler wandering around during his/her daily activities. I walk about like that.

8} Blog reality. (I keep adding to this post because I keep thinking of new nuggets to expound on) I'm getting ready to go on one of my quarterly search and destroys for new blogs to follow. I've binged and purged about six from my book marked faves, leaving me with about 45 blogs that I follow on weekly basis. I would like to get above fifty, so towards that goal, instead of trekking all over God's creation for them, I'll instead ask for suggestions from my readers as to what blogs might be worthy of my interest. I'm open to just about anything out there, so please give me your best shot. And if you're not sure about your recommendation, please check out my profile as about 95% of the blogs I have bookmarked, I'm a follower of as well. I'm a relatively open minded individual, so I really do welcome this opportunity to expand my horizons.

9} Writing reality. (See, what I tell you?) The other day (7/17) I was running my usual Saturday morning errands when I made a stop at my local CVS. While I was getting a snack and a bottle of water, I caught sight a rather oldish (30's) but still vibrant looking woman with her husband doing some shopping. And as I'm want to do as of late when I observe a good looking woman (yeah, I know, sexist), I was inspired to write a short story. Nothing nasty, but I while I was thinking of what to write, I remembered that my town was having its annual arts/crafts/music/fireworks shindig called "Mill Pond Extravaganza". Presto, chango! Instant background setting for the story. Presto, chango! Instant plot of a simple love story popped up. Next thing I know, within the span of two days, I churned out 7 1/2 pages. I couldn't write the story 100% straight without throwing my typical swerve in, so I had the boy get dumped by his girlfriend because she found a girlfriend. Other than that, it's been clean, straightforward and for a change of pace, has a happy ending.


  1. By the way, Shades of Love is on it's way to me. It's supposed to have shipped today.

  2. I thank you sir.

    I hope it meets your expectations, and feel free to critique either publicly or privately.

  3. Yikes, I just went across to a chat room via your link - not having really looked at any before. First thing that jumps out at me is a thread abusing the British. I won't be going there again!

  4. Wow this is some post!! Great stuff.

    I don't do chat rooms at all. I find it all a bit superficial and fast moving for me.

    I used to be part of a message board for an author and ended up getting in petty arguments with people about things. Erm like gay marriage, so I stopped going. I was addicted to the place though and it took over my life, so it was good to break free.

  5. Good things happened:

    - Finding that G has such a lovely long post today that I go get the French chocolate eclair I was saving 'til later to eat while reading it. (The German Bakery had me at chocolate eclair, but a French one? Swoon. It was all chocolate. Was is the key word. Yum.)

    - Discovering that he likes the Allman Brothers from my birthplace Macon, Georgia. And vowing to listen to my favorite "Eat a Peach" on vinyl this evening.

    - Finding that my humble blog got a shout-out and in such a creative way! And in such good company, too. And reading "The King of New York Hacks" inspired by the end of the story "driving around on a daily basis can be rewarding."

    Thanks for always keeping it real, G!

  6. Jane: Chat rooms are an adventure (got a post coming up about them in a couple of weeks). I'm surprised about one knocking the British, I must of missed it earlier in the day.

    LL Cool Joe: Thanks.

    Yeah, I will agree with you about being superficial and fast moving. Sometimes though, a dose of superficiality is all you need to get yourself re-balanced and refocused.

    Lynn: I was a fan of the Allman Brothers from listening to the classic rock format. Even picked up a reissue of "At Fillmore East".

    However, I really didn't get into them until much latet, when I picked up this excellent anthology (used I might add) on Duane Allman. The second volume I picked up first and those two tracks I mentioned, along with Arthur Conley's, really stood out. He has such a funky singing voice (Duane that is). And yes, I have "Eat a Peach" on vinyl as well.

    I was more than glad to give a shout out to you. I follow some 50+ blogs and I wanted to share some of the more unusual ones that I follow with everyone else.

    And I'm glad to always keep it real. I don't know of any other way to do it.

  7. 30s? Rather oldish? Ouch, G! Tee-hee!

    Off to scout the links!

  8. Not really, but I was trying to keep the description clean.

    After all, I's a 44 year old writer with an active imagination.

    BTW: I just finished that story this afternoon. Will feature it on the other blog sometime in December.

  9. Thank you for the link :-)

  10. You're more than welcome. :-]

    And thanks for stopping by to visit.

  11. Hola! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was wondering who that cute little puppy was!

  12. Hi George!
    Love the links dropped into the story and I can't even remember the last time I stepped into a chat room.

    Can you imagine if that woman realized she was the basis for a story? "Character" jump out at me all the time and grow within my mind without the original character ever knowing!

  13. I was going to chide you for saying 30's was "rather oldish," but I see it's already been mentioned... ;)

    And thanks for including me in the links in your short story! :)

  14. Riot Kitty: You're more than welcome. Always on the look out for good rant blog, and yours seems to hit the nail right on the head.

    Yeah, the puppy dog is me. I decided to go back to my original avatar. No one can never really get mad at a sad puppy dog.

    Claire: Thanks for stopping by and I'll be sure to check yours out as well.

    Thanks for the compliment. I follow quite a few blogs and I wanted to find a way to share some of them with my readers.

    As for the character thing, I do that all the time. It's how I get my inspiration for stories. I observe the people and places around me, and that is what usually does it for me.

    Lisa: Yeah, I know, I know. I can such rotten things about people. :-]

    And you are more than welcome for the linkage. I like your blog and I wanted to let people know about it.

  15. Please don't say 30's is "oldish":) I'm having trouble navigating my entrance into the 40's! Thanks for all the links. I'm happy to find great new blogs to explore. As usual, this is a clever post!

  16. Wow, I didn't think that my saying "30's is oldish" would get such a response. I'll have to do that more often. :-]

    In any event, you're more than welcome for the links and thanks for the compliment.

  17. Don't be self conscience,a toddlers walk is the cutest!!!!

  18. Thank you for NOT binging and purging me.

    Interesting that your debates on gay marriage would somehow lead you to write about a lesbian relationship. Do you think there was some subliminal influence there..haha

  19. My blog must have come within the scope of your search and destroy mission. Which is great! :-)

    So people are still busy in the chat rooms, are they? I haven't been in one in around 10 years. I don't think I could stomach all the religious debating. It's frustrating seeing people waste time that way. To them I say: Truly, if you want to prove how good and moral your point of view is, go do some good in the world, don't spend your time fighting in chatrooms!

  20. That 1 Girl: A toddler's walk may be cute, but when you're fat, bald and 44, walking like a toddler is definitely not cute. Sad, yes. Cute, no.

    Bearman: Dude, I would never binge and purge you. My reasons for binging and purging are usually very simple:

    1) Blog doesn't interest me anymore.
    2) Blog owner doesn't really respond to the few comments I made.
    3) Blog owner made only one visit to mine and that was it.

    There are a few exceptions to those rules though. I have exactly four blogs that I found from June '08, simply because I still like them. One has moved into hyperdrive because the owner is a type A++ personality and writes YA. One belongs to a friend who is currently trying to make a living in the real world, so his is on long term hiatus. Same goes for another who switched jobs and his blog is now updated about every fortnight. The last one I don't know what happened to, but he's a nice guy and I seem to be his only follower, so I have faith that maybe one day he'll show up.

    As for writing about lesbian relationships, I don't believe my debates on gay marriage had anything to do with that. I would like to believe that they're two entirely separate issues.

    Sparkling Red: It did to a small degree. My brief search and destroy actually started a couple of weeks ago, when I clicked on LL Cool Joe's avatar on Mama Zen's. I bookmarked his, then found yours and Riot Kitty's through the comment section. It was a duality so to speak. Both of you left thougtful comments and had wicked avatars. The rest as they say, is history.

    Although, yours sounds like it would be an interesting read. I have friends on both Facebook and the chat rooms who are to varying degrees religious, so I thought it would be interesting to read a blog written by someone who has undergone/still undergoing a spiritual awakening. I'm always open to new ideas and new experiences.

  21. A good timely topic, as I am looking for new blogs to read too :) I am planning to spend the weekend in bed with my laptop clicking away in an orgy of blog reading.

  22. The Mill Pond Extravaganza sounds so old-fashionedly romantic and FUN!

    From your "relatively young" blogging pal. ;)


  23. Samantha: "an orgy of blog reading." Sounds positively scandalous.

    Glad I could be of service.

    Jannie: It's what our town calls its week long belated celebration of the 4th. It's pretty cool. I've gone there during the daytime, just to soak up the atmosphere.

    Relatively young, eh? Can we put that to a vote? :-]


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