Saturday, August 22, 2009

Excerpt From My Unpublished Story Entitled "E"


Today's weekly installment of Flashing Georgie's Shorts will be something a little out of the ordinary.

Instead of posting a short story, I thought I would share the prologue from my unpublished chapbook entitled E with everyone.

A little background info: this was a short story originally titled Cedar Mountain Ecstasy that I started in the early spring of 2007 while I was waiting for an "agent" to sell my first book. I worked on it sporadically until the early fall of that year, when I came up with the lethal combination of writing myself into a corner and writer's block.

At that point, I put the story aside, and for the next year and a half started working on other things (blogs, other short stories, incomplete novel). Earlier in the spring of this year, I gained enough confidence in my writing ability and returned to the writing of this story.

From scratch.

Withing a month and a half, I had written my way out the corner and out of the writer's block that was created from writing myself into that particular corner. I wound up finishing the now sixty-two (up from about thirty) page story in mid April. As for the plot, I haven't quite figured that out yet. If you assumed from the original title that the book was about drugs, you wouldn't be too far off the mark. It still may be about drugs. I know, its pretty sad when a writer finishes a story and hasn't a clue on what it's about.

In any event, this particular excerpt (in fact, it's the beginning of the book) takes place in an apartment, thus the lame title The Apartment. Please let me know what you think of it.
A clarification is in order. Charles Gramlich was kind enough to point out that he felt a little disoriented while reading the excerpt, because he didn't have any background info on how the various participants were connected. As it turns out, the excerpt isn't the actual beginning of the book, but is in fact, part 1 of the book. As a special bonus, I will post the prelude today (8/22) so that the excerpt that this post is connected to, will make a lot more sense.

My apologies for the apparent brain cramp.

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