Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Am So Good That Sometimes I Truly Scare Myself

Yes, I know this is a rare double post, but something happened to me last week that I want to share with all of you. Consider this to be another warning about chat rooms.

As many of you are aware, I still spend quite a bit of time in the chat rooms. I go there mostly to socialize with some of the many friends that I've made in the past couple of years, simply because there are no topics worth discussing about.

But, the reputation that I developed in the first fourteen months of my chat room life, apparently can still pack a mean wallop. About a week ago, I decided to visit a particular forum that I hadn't shown my face in quite some time at.

Due to a falling out that I had with a group of people of Facebook, I made it a point to surf for a thread where none of these former friends of mine were at. Out of sight, out of mind, you know, time wounds all heels. Anyways, I found a little poll that someone made accusing a group of people of being a troll.

Even though one of my earlier personas (the namesake of this blog) hasn't been used since December '08, apparently someone decided to privately accuse me of being this particular troll. Which I thought was incredibly hilarious, but in all seriousness, demonstrated a serious lack of judgement by the person who made the accusation to begin with.

If you go here, scroll down to the post left by this blog's namesake, and you'll see the tamest opening and closing salvo in this latest skirmish of Internet stupidity. If the link doesn't work by the time this post kicks in, it means that the thread was removed by the Topix moderators.

The reason for this post, is threefold: 1) it shows the lasting power of a well developed reputation in a chat room; 2) it also shows how a particular someone spends their spare time in their pathetic little life, which is harassing and stalking people online, both in the chat rooms and privately through e-mails; and 3) it shows that to needlessly drag someone into a juvenile pastime can eventually backfire, simply because the dragee might have enough weapons at their disposal to make life a living hell for that individual if they so choose.


  1. Geez. I'm with you - who the hell has enough free time for that?

  2. RK: You wouldn't believe the garbage I've gone through in the past two and a half years there. I actually got a personal troll who reared his ugly head to start harassing me about my first book again.

    The garbage got so bad at this particular forum that up until I wrote this post, I haven't shown my ugly mug there since January.

  3. Once yahoo got rid of the Rate my Photo group, chat rooms weren't fun anymore.

  4. About a year and a half ago I used to be a "Big" member on a message board. In other words I had no life and was on it far too much. The back stabbing and arse kissing that went on was unbelievable. I got to the stage where I was totally paranoid about who was talking about me "back channel" although they'd all be so sweet on the board itself. Then the author of the blog found their was a shark, and started having a go at everyone else. It became a nightmare.

    So I left, but it was really hard because I had a love/hate relationship with the place, and it was far too important in my life. It was an addiction really.

    So I've been clean for 18 months now, and feel better and more together for it!

    But I miss the place and some of the people..a.lot.

  5. It's sad that there are people in the world full of unhappiness, frustration, anger and a host of other issues and they have a NEED to feed off the energy of other folks. They like drama, they like to "stir the pot", they like the fact that the Internet puts them far away from the person they feel a need to upset.
    Life is so very short. The more friends I lose I realize that I can't FIX these unhappy folks and I won't let them sway me from my center.
    I'm sorry that whoever these people are they have taken you out of your creative Zone for even a minute. :)Bea

  6. Bearman: Bummer. :-0

    Joe: I can truly sympathize. When I first discovered this particular chat room in February '07, I went completely overboard with it. Hit rock bottom October '07 and didn't really recover until I hit the blog world in May '08.

    Right now, this particular situation that this post alludes to, is quite simply the nastiest thing I've ever seen or experienced.

    It's said really that the amount of lives this person legitmately destroyed in the past year or so, but trust me, this person will be getting theirs very soon. No one is taking this lying down.

    Bea: Nothing or no one can take me out of my creativity zone. I am teflon coated with enough cynicism to rise above and help my other cyber friends deal with this person.

  7. I rarely get into the chat thing, become a "member" or sign into anything- n this tale gets me even more leary!
    If the activity isin't fun, but causes anxiety- you should disengage.
    Luckily, bloggy is enough for me.

  8. Snaggle: It is a precautionary tale at best. I've met some truly wonderful people in the chat rooms, visited one last year in the Midwest and had one from New York visit me here.

    Just like with anything else on the 'net (message boards, writer forums, etc), you have to approach it with your eyes wide opened and your bullshit antannae working at maximum capacity.

  9. Compared to some my close friends in the chat rooms, who are real pros at destroyng trolls, I'm just like a fourth chair in the woodwinds section: Good in a supporting role, but never quite leading material.


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