Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm A Somebody!

Greetings and Salutations!

It's simply a great day to be someplace else, isn't it?

So please, come join me as I take a leisurely stroll to visit Beat To A Pulp, where my short story Cedar Mountain has found a brand spanking new home to hang ten at.

Three cheers and a tiger for me, for I am now a commercially published somebody!



  1. You were always a somebody, G. Now you're just a published somebody.


    Heading over to the site to leave a comment on your beautifully crafted story.

  2. Congrats. I read the story today and it is really strong. Excellent writing!

  3. Hey G - I saw the link on the lower left, but didn't spot your story. Cool idea, in any event.

  4. Talon: Thank you.

    Charles: Many thanks.

    Lynn: If you click on the link within the post, it will take you directly to the story.

    Everyone, many thanks for taking the time to read my short, but powerful story. It really does mean a lot to me that someone thought highly enough of it to take a chance on publishing it.

    And I do appreciate all the heartfelt comments that everyone left there and here.


  5. Congratulations! I remember the first check I got from a publishing company. It wasn't for much, but it felt like a million bucks.

  6. alright!! Please make sure to change your bio to "Published Writer"

  7. Kate: Thanks for stopping by to visit.

    Even though it isn't a paying gig, it does feel great. I've been slowly weaning myself from doing the flash, but this was one of my better pieces.

    And I concur. Even though I self-publish, getting that first royalty check was a good feeling as well.

    Bearman: I will give that some serious consideration. And welcome back to the blog land my friend.

  8. I can chalk that up to not thinking things through. There it was in front of me. I liked reading it very much, G.

  9. Lynn: No harm and no foul. I've had numerous days like that.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  10. Well, you've sure shot past me, G! I'm still stuck here in semi-somebody status. :)

    Congrats! You deserve it, my friend.

  11. Oh now, I wouldn't say that...I consider you more than a semi-somebody.

    Anybody who can do what you did, is beyond being a semi-somebody.

    They are simply, A Somebody.

    And thanks.

  12. Well done G:)

    For me that particular story stood out from your others and was throughly deserving of being recognised elsewhere:)

    Onwards and upwards!

  13. Jane: Many thanks.

    It does give me pause to think as to whether or not I found another little niche to possible concentrate on.


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