Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Inspired By...

Ever wondered about those annoying little inspirational do-hickeys that seem to open every single story on Flashing Georgie's Shorts? Didja, huh? Didja?

Well wonder no more, because the cough, cough legendary COUGH, COUGH G is gonna explain it to you.

Like most creative people, I simply can't just sit down and write something. Be it a blog post (like this) or a short story, I have to be inspired (or motivated, take your pick) by someone or something, before I can start writing.

I say about eighty percent of the time, a song inspires me to write something, while the other twenty percent is split among other items like people, places, things, chance snippets of conversations or other stories. Even wrote a short story based on a verse from the Bible.

Because I feel that the way I get my inspiration to write is somewhat unique, I want to share it with the world at large. That's why I put those little blurbs at the beginning of my stories, so that you can get yet another glimpse into what makes G, G. Google some of the songs that inspire me.
If anything, you'll be pleasantly surprised at my taste in music.

Almost forgot the requisite question that is the de rigeur of this blog: What things inspire you to write?


  1. I don't write fiction, but mostly I just watch for the odd, beautiful or funny thing that comes my way and write about it on my blog.

  2. A good walk outside will usually provide with me some good inspiration. It can be the oddest thing and it will spark a poem. I also find music to be very inspiring. However, I sometimes get so into the music that I find that I can't translate that Muse into my writing. After time passes, I will return to a piece of music and take another shot at writing something.

  3. Interesting! Depends on what I'm writing - when I'm writing on the blog, it's usually something that makes me laugh or pisses me off. When I'm writing the children's fiction stuff, it's stuff that I think is fun and wonderful and sometimes based on my own family. When I'm writing for work (I work for a mental health nonprofit), I am inspired by the stories of others.

    But then just about anything - an image, a quote, a story shared - can inspire me to write. It's a compulsion I have.

  4. Lynn: That's pretty cool. I've always wondered where you came up with those unique and fascintating things for your blog.

    Septembermom: Music really does do it for me. Sometimes when I happen upon a song I really like, I'll try to play it endlessly (if I own it) or search it out on the radio. I find that repeated listening can really help me to flesh out the story that it inspired in the first place.

    Riot Kitty: Interesting. I'm sort of the same way with my blog and short stories.

    How I write for the blog is radically different than how I write for the short story. I have a tendency to write more thought provoking schtuff for the blog while I'm at work (idle mind is always a good thing), than I can elsewhere.

  5. Anything! A line from a song, a quote, a video, something my kids do or say, something I read or see on someones blog, a photo, a conversation. Life in general.

    I keep piles of newspaper and magazine cuttings each day. I'll read something and just feel the desire to write about it.

    I could write about things non stop day and night but I limit how much I do because I don't think it's fair on my followers to feel they have to read and comment on everything.

  6. LL Cool Joe: Sounds like you got a neverending supply of schtuff to work from.


    I'm a little bit the same way with the blog. I can write day and night and have over a month of posts scheduled in advance. But I like to be able add on the spur of the moment, so I got most of my posts stashed in a folder for future use.

  7. How neat reading about everyone's inspirations!

    Music plays in the background while I write and I don't really listen to it conciously because it would distract me. Nature inspires me and people watching is a fail-safe inspiration. But most of my stuff just pops in my head...and it can get really crowded in there :)

  8. Talon: That's pretty interesting, in that you can write with music as your white noise.

    And nature is always a good thing to have as an ispirational tool, as well as people watching.

    I stil do the people watching every now and again, and it's a great tool to use.

  9. Snippets of conversation frequently inspire me. If you listen, you can hear the craziest things!

  10. Inspiration comes from a lot of sources. Music and reading are two of mine. Or overhearing other people talking. Or something on a TV show. Sometimes though I don't need inspiration. I just set down and make it flow.

  11. Mama Z: I usually can get that as well, especially at work.

    And I agree, you can hear the craziest things. And sometimes, the item you write can have absolutely no connection with what inspired you in the first place.

    Charles: I've never really had reading be an inspiration for a story. I've had a couple of stories that I wrote become the small seeds for other stories (like the poll question I have up there).

    TV sounds like a good one though. I should give that a try.

  12. Since I post more photos than anything, it would have to be that: photos. Occasionally it may remind me of something from my past, or just remind me how good life is!

  13. Kim: That sounds great. Sometimes the best thing about a photo (especially an abstract) is trying to come up with a good caption.

  14. What things inspire me to write?
    Just about anything and everything.
    I write about what I know. I let my mind wander and where it goes so does my writing. Sometimes people like to suggest things for me to post to my blog. That usually doesn't end well. It will sound slightly off, not my style and my readers do notice.
    When I write stories again they are about people I know or events that happened to me. I get in big trouble when I wander outside those boxes.
    I once spent four months trying to write a mystery about the death of a local priest. I had a ton of notes but in the end I didn't really like the guy so it was impossible for me to write about him. So, does that answer the question? :)Bea

  15. Bea: I think you pretty much covered all the bases there.

    Perhaps next time, when a reader suggests a post idea, you should somehow make it sound completely like you.

    I've gotten quite a few suggestions from a few readers and friends that I managed to make sound like me when all was said and done.

  16. Hey, funny thing, I found out I was banned when I read it in one of your posts. No wonder I hadn't gotten any replies.

    I wanted to tell you that I got your email a little late. My fault. I would have definitly gone. I bet you guys had a great time. If she comes back again maybe we can all get together. Can you tell her "thanks" for the invite? I'd appreciate it and I think it was great of her to think of me.

    This banning came pretty quick after my last banning, so I have a bad feeling it might be a longer one. I'll keep reading and see how things are going for you. Can you believe what that Berlin guy wrote? And I'm the one who gets banned. Go figure.


  17. I will most definitely thank her for you.

    Yeah, I figured something was up when I only had a couple replies between the morning and the evening. I guess those two clowns figured that since you were gone, they accomplished their mission.

    We did have a great time, as we spent about an hour and a half getting to know one another and having a good conversation.

    It will be interesting to see how long this one lasts, because I've never known them to last longer than 3-5 days.

  18. Hi George,

    Topix actually sent me an email and they said I'm not banned and that none of my posts have been removed. I posted again but still no action. If nothing happens I'll contact them again. Maybe they're lying...


  19. Really?

    I would take that with a grain of salt. As far as I can tell, your previous posts are gone. I did see a recent post by you though.


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