Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flashing Georgie's Shorts

"Sometimes taking the path less travelled can expand your horizons to where you thought not possible"

The random short story that has been the hallmark of Flashing Georgie's Shorts is now being phased out and will be put out to stud by the end of November.

Taking over in its place, will be the not-so-entirely-new-but-incredibly-familiar story format....


The longer (8,000-12,000+ word) short story.

It made its stunning debut on this very blog back in April of this year as a ten page serialization entitled Saturday.

Look for a new serialization to debut in December entitled, The Right Thing To Do.

Also making the occasional guest appearance will be excerpts from my various WiPs: A Lascivious Limbo and Blackness In The White Sand.

However, do not abandon all hope of ever seeing the studly short story again. Depending on the whim of the day (not to mention the upcoming fall and winter seasons) it might be possible for the studly short story to majectically raise it's head to come out and play.

This wasn't an easy decision to come to, but considering that my short story writing has been moving in this particular direction for the past month or so, it was inevitable that the blog must too change and adapt to the different path my writing has chosen to take.

I truly thank one and all for the time that you spent at the other blog and I hope that you continue to do so in the future.


  1. You've got to write what motivates you, definitely. It will be interesting to see what you come up with!

  2. Hey there young lady!

    It will definitely be something different. While the flash fiction format was a blast to write in, and I must admit I originally had reservations about doing it, my main comfort level has always been in the 5,000-14,000 world range of writing.

    I did make a conscious effort with the stories I got lined up to make sure they were capped at fifteen pages max. I do have one at twenty, but I don't know how I'm going to go about posing it yet.

  3. Mama Z: Will always do.

    And thanks.

  4. I think we all go through cycles in what we are interested in writing, or what we produce. I like serials personally, although the world is so hectic it's often hard to keep up with them.

  5. Well, I went back to read about Cedar's Mountain. What a wonderful story, G. To read about one generation passing down to the next the love and beauty of the mountain, the generation then passing it on to their children and their children's children.
    We often forget how tied we are to nature. Those who grow up in the cities forget what the night skies look like. Your story reminds us of the beauty and inner peace that we can gain from our time spent with the mountains, fields, skies, mother earth. :)Bea

  6. Do you really have just "Georgie B" on the cover of your book? That's cool, like Cher or all the other one name celebs.

    Yes, October has many possibilities! We're going way up to Lyndonville VT next weekend and it looks like it'll be peak time.

    Will we see any beautiful Cedar Mountain shots?

  7. Charles: So very, very true.

    While I truly enjoyed writing the flash, the well was really starting to run dry for that particular length. I found myself going back to what I love, which was the medium longish short.

    Example: I started in the span of two months, five short stories, ranging in length from a couple of paragraphs to four pages. After looking at them for the past month and a half, I strung them together by writing about a fictional day in the life of Georgie B (complete with a plot that strung all those stories together), and viola, a 19 page story was created.

    Bea: Thanks.

    The history of that story is pretty unique. Back in '07, I was going through some personal turbulance, so I decided to challenge myself to write a clean and wholesome story.

    With the mountain as inspiration, within two days, I wrote what you read. I had a little help from two very good people with the editing, but what you see is basically the finished project.

    Snow Lady: Yes I do. I want to develop a brand for myself, and I thought using the name I use in the chat rooms and what I originally used here, would make an excellent pen name.

    I hope to get some shots later in the month of the mountain. I got a cheap disposable, but I have to start remembering to bring it with me.

    I may do something in the winter as well.

  8. Interesting. It's amazing how we constantly grow and change and develop as writers.

    I'm interested to read your new work. :)

  9. Joe: Thanks.

    I concur. You wouldn't believe the amount of change and painful growth I've experienced while trying to make this writing thing a permanent creative fixture in my life.

    I really didn't start to grow as a writer until I started blogging and discovered the wonderful world of blogs, especially ones written by writers and other assorted creative people (such as yourself).

    The tips and advice I've gotten in the past year and a half have been immeasurable.

    I think you'll be impressed with the new stuff, as while it still has that unique flavor to it, it will be a little bit more mellow than my previous efforts.

  10. Will keep an eye out for it. :)

  11. The evolution of a writer. It will be great to see how you handle the longer length. Might help with the difficulties you've had with some endings and you'll be able to expound on the characters more. I look forward to it!

  12. Lynn: Thanks. Hopefully be able to get a chance to visit that other blog more often.

    Talon: I've always been partial to the longer lengths, but I never really appriciated it until I started writing the flash fiction.

    I am honestly impressed of people who can do it and do it well (kind of like people who can write poetry or haiku).


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