Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Furlough Day

This particular story was originally written on July 6th of this year, during the second of our contractual giveback of four paid days to the state. The inspiration for the story was based on an incident at the local playground in the summer of 2008, and which I elaborated on about a year later.

This story is the only piece of creative non-fiction that you will find on the other blog, and is one of only two creative non-fiction stories in the 389 total blog posts (both published and unpublished on all three blogs) that you will find here. If you get the feeling during the reading of this story that there's some anger bubbling under the surface, you would be pretty much correct in that assumption.

No two paragraph lead in this time, just the customary link that brings you to it. Feel free to leave a comment either here or over there.


The Furlough Day


  1. I always know when I get that "adult content" warning I'm going to like it!

  2. Actually, the entire story blog is adult oriented. It goes back when I posted my first overtly sexual short story in early April.

    In order to avoid getting the blog flagged, I put that page up front. If you don't like, you don't answer yes. If you do, you do.

    Just the same, I'm glad that you're enjoying my other blog.

  3. Speaking of Fuloughs, I heard on News last week something about CT state workers being about forced to take 10 fulough days or else again- even tho hiding under the guise of a "Union vote to save jobs" it seems like extortion to me-

    All hours were cut by the end of August at my job, that weren't cut until October last year-
    It's still unpaid time, having to come in n spend gas/ break food money everyday- less hours per day tho. rip off as expenses rise again- joy!

  4. I don't think it was CT. Because of what I do (Payroll) I pretty much got a heads up on what the union givebacks are.

    We have two more to do this fiscal year: day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas.

    Then for the next fiscal year, the exact same thing: July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christams.

    The fun part will be in 2011/12, because I truly believe that our politicians are delaying the inevitable. While the rest of the country is pulling itself out of the recession, our state is gonna plunge even deeper, and the hard choices that weren't made then, will have to be made now.


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