Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Sand


This post is a double rarity in that I'm actually giving you the reader some initial background to this story and I'm opening comments up to it as well.

This story is the direct offspring of a previous short of mine entitled The Beach, which came out in late April of this year. I actually thought this story was pretty good, as it featured one of my many fave settings (the beach) that I like to use in my stories. Unfortunately, no one else did as it became one of the few stories on my other blog that had no comments.

Anyways, a couple of months later, I was searching high and low for something to write about, when I after reading my collections of shorts from that other blog, I came up with the bright idea of writing a sequel to that previously mentioned story.

So off I ran with it. The basic plot was that I had the female lead (Azha) travel to what turned out to be a nude beach, have an encounter (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) with a handsome man, and throw a small wrench into the works as well.

About a couple of weeks later, I got to thinking about writing another longish short story (in addition to the one I'm writing now called A Lascivious Limbo). Bingo! In a moment of clarity (or stupidity, take your pick), I found the story that I wanted to write. My good friends, this story that you are about to read, is now what I consider to be the prelude to my next chapbook, which is tentatively titled, Blackness In The White Sand.

With the previous summer's disastrous outing with Javy now safely tucked away in the dark recesses of her memory, Azha decided now would be as good time as any to visit the beach. She was a year older, a year wiser, and most importantly, sans animal, as Javy had met his maker due to an unfortunate encounter with a craze taxidermist less than four months after that outing.

Driving east on U.S. 1, she had the top down, the radio blaring industrial metal, sunglasses on and her now light chestnut colored hair trailing in the breeze. She checked her GPS again to make sure that she was going in the right direction, as her girlfriend had told her about a new secluded beach near the Rhode Island border and she didn't want to get lost looking for it.
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