Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Basement Of My Adultery

Believe it or not, the original inspiration for this story came from this post. To save you the trouble of reading the entire post again (unless of course, you want to), I had an example of how my personal standards got in the way of writing a post. I originally created a post for this blog with the above title, and the actual content of the post was about books, and not committing adultery. But three quarters of the way through, I wound up nuking it because it didn't meet my expectations.

Fast forward to early September. Once again I found myself with about an hour to kill at work, simply because I'd gotten all of my work done and I couldn't do anything else until the next day. I should add that I was having a crappy day to boot (seems to be the norm as of late). Thus the inspiration tag sheer boredom at work.

Sheer boredom at work was all the nudging that I needed for this story, as it took me about twenty-five minutes to write. The reason why I wrote it so fast, was due to the fact that if anyone (like an employee who didn't know me) actually saw what the content was (sex/foul language), I would be hip deep in doggie doo.

Basically, I wrote this thing with one eye on the paper and one eye on the traffic outside my cubicle. There are three things I will say about this story: 1} the title is the story; 2} the theme is something that first made an appearance in my first book, is in my second book, and will be making an appearance in at least two other stories and 3} it is without a doubt, the raunchiest thing that I've ever written.

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  1. Yes, I think you would be in serious trouble had you gotten caught writing that at work...or your boss would have asked for a copy and disappeared for awhile ;)

  2. Oh man would I have ever gotten into trouble...I may have some open minded co-workers, and even my supervisor's were relatively okay with me selling my first book at work, but that isn't to say that I would be in the clear on everything that I write.


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