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Yes, cerealessly (don't you just love made up words?).

Anywho, this is a brief (boxers, not tighty whiteys) status update about Flashing Georgie's Shorts.

While I still intend to convert the blog over from one that carries flash fiction to one that carries serialized short stories, the process of how exactly it should be done is, to put it mildly, pretty damn confusing.

Don't get me wrong, the decision to switch formats was a no-brainer, since my stories were starting to swing in that direction for quite sometime. However, certain petty annoying issues have cropped up that I really need to think about before continuing with the conversion. In no particular order of importance, here are the annoyingly petty issues that I'm currently experiencing a paradigm shift of titanic proportions.

1} How many pages should I post in one shot? I originally wanted to post one page per week until the story was finished. Good if the story was less than seven pages, bad if the story was longer. Even though I like the old time serialized story format, I understand both the complexities and seriously short attention span of today's world, so the issue I face is that should I post one page at a time, or two pages at a time? This leads directly into issue #2....

2} How many stories do I have on hand? If I decide to stick with the one page per week, then I have enough stories (5) for the entire calendar year. If I decide to do two per week, then I need to double up the amount of stories I have on hand. A big problem if your writing is somewhat sporadic like mine.

3} How many posts should I show on the front page? Yes, this is a potential problem. I started off with showing four on the front page, which was about a month's worth of stories. Eventually it tailed downwards to the point where I'm showing just two. Now if I go with one per week, then it's not a problem showing two. If I decide to go with two per week, then it would probably be easier to show one and leave a link at the beginning for the previous page.

4} I need to redo the beginning intro, because obviously it's not gonna be about flash fiction, but serialized fiction.

So as you can see, I have a cerealess dilemma that is causing me to become very confused in my old age. So that I can work out these issues to my satisfaction, the blog (FSG, not this one) will not be updated for the month of December.

To give everyone an idea on what I got on tap for stories, here are the titles plus a brief description on the why and the what, along with a page count, so that you can get a good idea on the problem I'm facing. They will be listed in order of future appearance.

The Right Thing: I alluded to and explained the basis for this story in an earlier post (see point #9), and in fact, was the main reason why I decided to convert the blog over to begin with. The plot centers around a guy getting dumped by his girlfriend, and his best friend who attempts to set him up with another girl at the town festival. About 10 pages in length.

Red Stripe: This one I started on Halloween weekend and finished it in less than one week. The inspiration was a young lady who worked at my local supermarket and was dressed in a funky tie-dyed tee shirt and makeup for Halloween. The title I got from a bottle of Jamaican beer (sorry about the Wikipedia, but the actual website requires a few questions to be answered before you can access it). The plot centers around a singer for a punk/speed metal band. Also about 10 pages.

Creativity Inaction: This is my weirdest one yet. The inspiration was that I had about six short stories that I had absolutely no hope in completing. They ranged anywhere in length from three paragraphs to five pages. I tied them all together with an original (for me at least) plot line about a writer who keeps getting interrupted whenever he sits down to write a story and when he gets back to it, he can never continue it. 19 pages in length. Note: there will be a slight delay in publishing this story as I decided to enter it into 4 chapbook contests, the latest finishing in July 2010. So I don't want to publish it on the outside chance that I would have to nuke it later.

The Grid: This was originally written back in my forgettable year of 2006, when I was going through a bunch of personal turmoil. I was looking for another story to write for the blog, when I decided that all this one needed was a good rewrite. The inspiration for this story will remain my forgettable year of 2006. Plot is revenge. 14 pages in length.

Eye Candy: I originally wrote this one for the blog back in August, but it stretched beyond my self imposed cap of four pages. Inspiration was a hot looking hot dog vendor. Not one of my best, but it will do in a pinch. 5 pages in length.

I have one other that may or may not make the grade. It's about 24 pages in length and will need a major re-write if I choose to use it. In any event, I probably will be writing a few more short stories for the blog, which will be needed if I choose to go the two page route instead of the one page route.

Again, thanks for visiting my story blog and rest assured, I will make sure that it will still meet your highest expectations when it comes back to life.


  1. I know that your creative mind will not rest until you figure this out :) Your fiction will be worth the wait!

  2. A titanic shift indeed...good luck with the transition!

  3. I'm really intrigued by the premise of Creativity Inaction!

  4. It's definitely an issue. I tend to not be able to keep up with a serial story online that runs more than a few days. But I also struggle if there's more than a page or two of material. I don't really like reading at the computer because I usually have so much to do during the time I'm online. But maybe a judicious mix of stories and other kinds of posts might work best.

  5. Those are big questions. I'm sure the answers will come to you in time. At least, that's what happens when I have to make decisions. If I'm not sure what to do, I don't spend a lot of time thinking it through consciously. I just let it percolate in the back of my mind, and eventually a right-feeling answer emerges.

  6. S.R.: I usually don't like making change for the sake of change. Whenever I want to add or subtract something from my blog, I always give it careful thought and consideration to not only myself but to the people who visit the blog in the first place, either as a regular or as a drive by.

    Charles: I completely understand where you're coming from. I do intend to keep posting at the same rate of once a week, just like I did with the short stories. But I probably will either add links on the stories or leave a brief one or two sentence leader on what transpired previously.

    And that is one thing that I am considering to break up the flow a little bit in between stories. I know I said that Psalm 23 would be the last piece of flash, but I probably will reconsider that idea, along with possibly adding excerpts from my other stuff as well.

    Mama Z: Thanks. What really got me going on that particular story was that I had all of these bits and pieces leftover that were driving me batty because of my inability to finish them.

    The way I worked those stories into the main plot line is something I think you'll find very interesting once you actually get to read it.

    R.K.: Thanks. It's going to be an interesting month as I plot out how I'm gonna change things on FSG.

    Kelly: Thanks. I believe it will be at that. Some of the stories I got lined up have really allowed me to showcase what I've learned in the past couple of years of doing this blog and reading others work as well.

  7. Good luck with the stories, Georgie. You've been very productive, haven't you?

    I confess, I usually pass on long serial passages. It takes me a while, to go back to a blog, so by the time I return, I might have forgotten the plotline.

    That said, it's your creation, and you can offer it up however you want. Maybe you should consider one of those online programs where it turns your text into "book" form (complete with "pages" that turn) but I think it costs.

  8. Jewel: Thanks.

    Yeah, I've been a bit productive with the longer medium. It's what I usually feel most comfortable writing in.

    I got a few ideas on how to keep people's interests, especially since I plan on keeping the same posting pattern (once a week) that I did with the flash.

    Some of the stories though, are (in my opinion) good enough to actually take another stab at doing submissions.

  9. It seems as tho you may want to be more flexible with the number of pages format... I'd prob use one page for the shorter lengths, n 2 for the longer.
    Never know what you'll stack up for new stories, either.

    Consider also only putting them on for limited time, then removing entire stories for publishing/submission reasons- You can always do a compliation of short stories collection book, for example.

    Good luck with all those descisions!

  10. I usually loathe nuking stuff that I've posted on my blogs. I've only did that a couple of times, and each time I did it, it pained me to do so. Both of them were stories, and while one of them was published in an e-zine (see link up on top) the other became self-pubbed.

    However, as the submission bug started biting me again (usually in November/December), I am holding back on a couple of stories. The one I've already mentioned, plus the one called Red Stripes as well.

    But I'm leaning towards a mix of one page for shorter and two for longer (using five pages as a basic dividing line for everything).

    Adventures in fun, oh boy. :-o


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