Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Right Thing (2)

The action thus far:

Tim bought lunch for his girlfriend Jessie and went over to her house to drop it off. He found her in the backyard playing an intense game of tongue hockey with her BFF Lisa.

Suffice to say that Tim was dropped faster than GWB's popularity numbers during his last term.

Melvin watched as Tim first turned into a blubbering idiot pining for someone who didn't want him anymore, then as a serious waste of human flesh.

Concerned about his friend's mental state of being, he reaches out to a former friend of Lisa's named Tamara and asks if she would like to help him with getting Tim out of his room. She gives it zippo for thought and says that she would be more than happy to help.

We pick up the action at Tim's front door.


  1. No Blue Bunny, I don't think's actully really clean for young eyes such as yours....just a nice real-world romance story...but if you want, maybe Jannie can check it out first, just to make sure it meets her personal standards.

  2. Dragging someone by the legs out of bed, naked...hmm. I can think of a couple of occasions where that would have been appropriate :)

  3. Maybe I'm too old for that story then? :D

  4. R.K.: Great minds think alike. :D

    Joe: Too old? One is never too old for a good old fashioned romance story....but one never knows...perhaps you should get a yougster to determine whether or not its age appropriate for an oldster like yourself...:D

  5. Hey look your commenty thing shows up underneath now. Can they make the "Post a comment" link bigger in blogger. I always hit the wrong thing..haha

  6. Not sure if they can.

    Yeah, I decided to open up the comment link when I post a story at FSG.

    More user friendly.


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