Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Day At The Office (1)

Boy Howdy!!!

About three weeks ago, I wrote a post about ten things that helped snap me out of my recent doldrums. Among the items that I listed, was a little gem at #5, in which I chose to write something in a genre that I've never tried before.

Today's post will kick of the next short story serial at Flashing Georgie's Shorts. But first, some background, so at the very least, you'll know what you'll be getting yourself into.

I wrote this particular story around the tail end of January (the 23rd to be precise), when I was going through one of my blackened state of mind periods. I actually started it a few weeks prior, and only had one paragraph written, but since I had no idea where to go with it, it got shelved.

Enter one of my blackened state of minds. I hit that particular mind frame the weekend prior to writing this story, so being in that particular frame of mind, I decided to do what I usually do as of late when I'm like that: I write.

So I took out that opening paragraph, and wouldn't you know it, after staring at it for about ten minutes, the words just came pouring out. The next day, I had about two and a half pages written, and after I brought into work to do some light editing (and showing it to three co-workers who thought it was the grossest thing on the planet), I wrote the remaining two and a half pages over the course of that weekend. Oh, and like normal (or abnormal), I gave the story some real world flavoring.

So as to not catch you totally unaware, I will post that opening paragraph here, and then you can decide whether or not, to continue onwards. And once again, I would like to give credit to Charles for the inspiration.
The first thing that David noticed when the man walked into his office was the blood stains he left behind on the door. He stared long and hard at the door while the man took a seat at his desk, took out a cigarette, lit it, took a deep drag, and start applying a makeshift bandage to his knuckles.
Find the rest of part 1 here.


  1. It's great that your mind frame inspired the words to come pouring out. Don't you love it when writing feels effortless?

    Yeah - that story is looking a bit gory. :)

  2. Well, good for you for getting back to it. I'm swearing off blood and guts for a while, reading it, watching it on tv or the movies, etc. Not, to say I won't read it down the road, ok? :)Bea

  3. Lynn: Oh absolutely. Those types of stories, not just this type of genre, have been few and far between as of late.

    This one just about wrote itself.

    And yes, it does get a bit worse, but over all, it stays in the same vein as that first paragraph.

    Bea: It's funny, but I don't actually watch stuff like this in the movies. I guess after reading too many issues of Fangoria, it turned me off to that type of movie. Reading about it is a little bit easier for me though, and writing it is something I'll to tread a fine line in doing.

  4. "You left blood stains on my door. How many times were you told that your hands must be clean before you walk into my office?"

    Greatest quote ever!

  5. Blood stuff always makes me queasy. But it sounds like you had one of those fabulous writing times when you almost can't keep up with what's coming out and that's such a fine feeling. I'm glad you wrote yourself out of a black mood.

  6. Interesting first peek- n shift for a project.
    I'm already thinking the guy behind the desk is wondering how dangerous this character is-

  7. R.K.: Thanks. Somehow, I figured you would find that this particular story tickled your fancy.

    And he says in such a pissed off way, like its a common day occurance.

    Talon: Thanks.

    I normally don't write stuff like this because I'm much the same way as you. Not so much with the queasiness, as opposed to simply getting turned off by the possible overload of blood, etc. Some people can do it well (of which I read some good stuff elsewhere) and some can't.

    But the words really did come out at such a steady clip that the story really wrote itself.

    Snaggle: Thanks.


  8. Sometimes you just have to write what's going on in your head. Get it out and see what comes of the effort. It's all creativity!

  9. Most definitely, although sometimes what comes out can be strange enough to bother even me.


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