Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Right Thing (5)

The action thus far:

After Tim had gotten dumped by his girlfriend, he basically spent the week spiraling downwards into a deep dark depression. Concerned, Melvin decided to take matters into his own hand. He called up former friend of Jessie's, Tamara, to help him get Tim out of the house and to the Extravaganza.

They successfully got him out of the house and to the front yard, where they manage to get him dressed and on the road to the park. When they got to the park, Tim was still down in the dumps, but when he saw the concert stage he decided to check out the live music.

Tim started to really get into the music, and between that and the beer, was finally turning back into his old self. Jovial, confident and boisterous, he finally felt like that things were indeed turning out for the better.

Then he saw his former girlfriend. Crushed, he staggered out the beer garden and wandered around the park in a daze. Melvin trailed along, trying to keep both an eye on him and an eye out for Tamara.

While he was searching for Tamara, Tim found her walking into her. After breaking down again, Tamara managed to get him out of harm's way and to a park bench, where they could have more privacy.

After they spent some quiet time eating their food and getting to know one another, Tamara decided to go for a walk around the pond and asked if Tim want to come along. Naturally he said yes, and after a minor mishap and large misunderstanding, things started to look a little bleak for Tim and Tamara. But as they say, appearances can be deceiving.

We pick up the action at the gazebo.


  1. Who keeps pretzels in her dress? :) It will be interesting to see how this one ends.

  2. Don't you keep spare odds and ends in your pockets, just in case? :D


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