Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Day At The Office (4)

David picked up his keyboard and shook it over Fred's lap until it was devoid of fingers and thumbs. Placing it back in front of his monitor, he then stood up, brushed off the remaining digits, and walked over to Fred. Sticking his finger in his face, he said, "Did I not tell you to show me a little respect? I am not some wet behind the ears payroll clerk. Contrary to my youthful appearance, I have been with this corporation for about thirty years and the absolute last thing I'm going to put up with is being disrespected by someone who has zippo for experience. Now, do you or do you not have the justification for overtime?"

"I told you I work in Accounts Receivable and I don't need to justify squat to you!"

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  1. "David picked up his keyboard and shook it over Fred's lap until it was devoid of fingers and thumbs."

    Again, so droll and disgusting = awesome!

  2. Oh, Fred, you're in some big trouble now, boyo. Scrambled DNA, not good. lolololsnort :)Bea

  3. R.K.: Believe me, I tried to make it as commonplace as (in)humanly possible. :D

    Bea: Scrambled DNA and sausage for breakfast....hmmmm-hmmmm good!!

  4. Your wit and creativity keep me smiling! The dialogue is great.

  5. Kelly: Thanks. I tried to make the dialogue about as normal as you can possible get, as if the sight of severed digits was a commonplace occurence.


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