Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Incompleteness (1)

Today's post will introduce a delightful little detour into the inner workings of a very strange writer, which will feature the various parts of his incomplete repertoire over at Flashing Georgie's Shorts.

Last year, while I was writing a ton of short stories for the FSG, I happened to become highly attached to two published and three unpublished short stories. By highly attached, I mean that they inspired me to make an honest attempt at lengthening and turning them into longer stories.
Unfortunately, after about two months of writing, I gave up. Why? I think for the most part, I simply lost the motivation, when I realized that in order to make them work, I would have to do mounds of research and a ton of re-writing. At the time I was writing these (Summer through early Fall 2009), I didn't want to put that kind of effort into my writing. I do now, but back then, I didn't. So on the shelf they got put, where they were promptly forgotten about for the next several months.

Fast forward to early Spring 2010.

Because I'm currently waiting for the 12 submissions I sent out in December '09 to play themselves out (currently sitting at 5), I'm short two rather lengthy stories for FSG. So last weekend, I decided I would post a few of those incomplete short stories on FSG for the next month or so, so as to stretch out what I got waiting in the wings until July, when the last of my submissions should finish up.


The first story I became attached to, was a short story called The Sand, which curiously enough, was inspired by another short story of mine called The Beach. The basic plot of the story was that Azha went to a new beach to do a little suntanning, only to find out from one of the beachgoers that it was a nude beach. After some trepidation, she joined in the festivities. After that particular beachgoer, by the name of Thad, retrieved a Frisbee that landed on her, their hands touched, and Azha found herself drawn to Thad. They made passionate love and then something horrible happened. When Azha came to, she found that she was turned into a vampire.

I decided to expand on that, and started writing story called "Blackness in the White Sand", of which the basic premise was that Azha had 72 hours to find Thad in order to turn herself back into a human, otherwise she would stay like that and become a hunter of souls for Hell. I actually featured an excerpt, which was noted for the sheer violence I attempted to write for the first time. This petered out after 22 pages and was the main reason that forced me start reading The Divine Comedy again for the first time in 30 years.

Next up, which will be featured first, was the story called Double D's, which continued on a similar theme of the first, namely, vampires who were hunters. I posted a second story called The Weapon of Choice, which continued the adventures from the first story, and served as a launching point for three more interconnecting stories, entitled Man on a Mission. I will be re-posting those first two stories again, since I tightened and tweaked the content.

The final batch never made it to FSG, as I decided that after writing the first two (some 12 months apart), that they would complement the previous batch (retitled as "Persona Non Grata"). I wound up writing this current batch with a similar theme as the first, only I made the protagonist a hunter of vampires, specifically those two reprobates. This batch was retitled as "The Anointed One", and so I spent the next month or so, writing a dual plotted story that would in the end, merge together.

In case you're wondering why the first two stories were written about a year apart, the reason is this: after writing and posting this piece of creative non-fiction on Cedar Mountain, I got some pretty decent comments on it, which in turn inspired me to write a piece called "10 p.m." about a month later. I eventually got stuck and put it away for about 10 months, until I started writing the new story called "The Anointed One" and needed a short story so as to explain why a human being was in a cage (I will elaborate much later on the various synopsises that I came up with for each story). I dug this one out and about a day later, had a nice start to a sub-plot.

With that incredibly lengthy explanation out of the way, I present to you for your reading pleasure, my first incomplete long story with the overall title of "Persona Non Grata" and the sub title for the first installment, entitled, "Double D's".

Trust me, I will completely understand if you skip this week's and next week's installments, because they are re-posts. However, to get a basic understanding of the three installments after for that series, you will at the very least, need to read the second installment.


  1. Such a complicated web you write as you write!
    I rememner the story but knowing more is to be connected, don't mind a re-read-

  2. Sad, but true.

    I've always been a person who likes to push the boundaries of whatever my chosen endeavor happens to be.

    With writing, its been trying to keep multiple plot lines going without getting hopelessly lost in the process.

    Someday I may restart these two particular stories, but for now, I want to give everyone a basic idea on where my creativity has taken me over the past year or so.


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