Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Incompleteness (3)

Now that I got the reprints out of the way, which were an unfortunate necessity, I can continue with the first original (and so far only) story written for my first attempt at expanding a piece of flash fiction into something with more meat to it.

The third story in this little quintuplet involved quite a bit of experimentation on my part. I'd already started exploring the theme of sibling relationships in the first two stories and with this particular story, I went a couple of steps further. Much further than I had anticipated, but not to the point of crossing that proverbial unspoken line.

I'm not sure why I decided to explore the darker side of sibling relationships, but I did manage to lay some basic groundwork for this particular story as to how depraved and pseudo sexual this relationship was. I think it would have been interesting to see just exactly where I might have gone, had I decided to continue with this story.

I would like to take a moment and elaborate on a myriad of points that the past two stories and the upcoming three stories contain:

1} All of the action takes place in the Southwest. The first story took place at a desert truck stop, so I thought I would continue on that particular theme (the desert, not the truck stop). The first town that I mention in the story, as far as I know, doesn't exist anywhere beyond a dog breed. The second town that gets mentioned, is a real town in Arizona (was shooting blanks for a name of a town, so I pulled out my handy dandy road atlas). I thought the name was really funky, which is why I picked it.

2} The aforementioned strange sibling relationship.

3} I was going through a brief vampire phase during this time period, so naturally, I made these women vampires as well.

4} I did introduce a hunter into this particular story arc, which you'll find in part two.

5} In part three I began the introduction of a possible secondary character from the other part of this incomplete novel (more on this in the month of May).

6} Strangely enough, the only actual sex in the story was what you read in the story posted on April 7th. Everything else is incredibly suggestive. Lots of violence though.

7} Original inspiration for the story was the song "Your Disease" by Saliva. Original title of this story was On A Mission.

For your reading pleasure, I present part one of part three of Persona Non Grata, sub titled "On A Mission".


  1. I'm glad to see you zooming away at your writing. I'm going to pass on reading it, for now. I just finished a dark book, Sharp Objects and I still want to open up my head and take out the part of my brain that still remembers that book. :)Bea

  2. Understandable.

    I'm going through a pretty nasty day right now and I haven't started writing because I really don't want my nasty day to bleed into my writing.

  3. I'll have to go home and read this (taking a short break at work) bc of the content warning ;)

  4. I was interested by Beau's comment actually, as well as your post of course! Sometimes a book, or piece of music, or movie can take us to a dark place which maybe we don't even want to go to.

    You mentioned your nasty day bleeding into your writing. Does it ever work the other way round, where your writing bleeds into your day?

  5. R.K.: Yeah, it's unfortunate that I have my short story blog like that, but in order to avoid potential censorship/flagging issues, I put one of those warning pages on the front.

    But you know that already, so why am I repeating myself?

    Man, this day must be worse than I thought.

    Joe: I've been fortunate not to have my writing bleed into my day, although that is a very interesting question to think about.

    The reason why I mentioned it to begin with, is that the particular story I'm working on is a little upbeat (for a change of pace), and I don't want to change the emotional flow of the story by having whatever grief I'm going through to affect the story.

    Granted, there are stories I write where I don't mind that happening, but this is one where I don't want any negativity to influence my writing.

    And I agree with the first part of your comment (sorry about the longwindedness of this response). There are books that I got which I make sure that I read them during the daytime, as the content has taken me to places that shouldn't be explored at night.

  6. So I may have missed something - I went back and read part 1 - why was there a bloody wallet? Or is that a clue for later?

    (You really do like pushing the envelope, don't you?)

  7. Of course I like pushing the envelope. Writing is no fun unless you can stretch the limits of your imagination.

    In the second story The Weapon of Choice, the twins drained their latest conquest during a two on one.

    In the third story, it was implied that they disposed of the body in a particularly gruesome way, thus the bloody wallet in a trash bag.

  8. onse i goed throo a vampir fase too. i thinks we all do sooner or latir.

    from me
    blue bunny

  9. The return of the Blue Bunny!

    Thanks for brightening my early evening by gracing my blog with your presence.

    You brought a chuckle to my mood and a smile to my face.


  10. Blue Bunny cracks me up. Your story is an intriguing read, G. Happy Friday!

  11. Off to do my morning reading with Georgie B! I'm sure I'll be entertained :)

    Glad to see that your writing is moving along well.

  12. Lynn: Thanks.

    The Blue Bunny cracks everyone up. She just happened to appear right when I was having a wickedly bad day.

    Happy Friday to you as well.

    Kelly: Thanks.

    Sometimes when idea takes hold, the only way to get rid of it is write it until it finally goes away.

    Fortunately, when this goes away, I'll have suitable book to shop around in six months.


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