Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Incompleteness (4)

Before we move on to part two of this particular story arc, does anyone have any questions about what they've read so far? Content? Why I wrote it that why? Why I was going off in that particular direction to begin with? No? Well then, let's move along to part two.

I had problems galore with this particular story, most notably trying to figure out where the breaks should be. My original intent was to make each one a stand alone serial, which is why they are so short to begin with. Problem was, since that kind of short story writing isn't exactly my forte, I didn't know where to properly stop. I kind of was getting the hang of it with this story, and by the time you read the last part next week, I had it down pat.

In this story, I expanded just a tiny bit on the twins peculiar relationship, and gave another shot at writing violence without going over the top with it. Also in this story, I introduce what you can probably call a "bounty hunter" into the mix. Or rather, an alien bounty hunter, since the overall theme of this story is vampires, which is sort of alienish. Right?

I know I'm not quite making sense with this post, because I'm having a hard time trying to remember what the original concept was with this story. However, when I start posting the companion long story entitled The Anointed One, you should be able to get a clearer picture of what the original concept was, especially since I'm now remembering it as I type this paragraph.

Concept for this story: Vampires/aliens on Earth. Concept for the other story: Alien life form, circa DS9 (if you follow Star Trek, you'll get the reference). Other story, a bit nastier with the violence and sex.

In any event, its something to look forward to. As for here, I now present to you part two of Persona Non Grata (On A Mission).

The action picks up in the desert where Aissa is now on her bike rolling down the highway.


  1. Golly - you have some imagination, G.

  2. R.K.: What way? Can you be a litte more specific with your question, because I'm not sure how to go about answering it.

    Lynn: Yeah, I do. Not sure what I was trying to write but I'm sure it would've gotten progressively violent and extremely messier.

    Or sexual.

  3. Apparently, my comprehension skills are a bit rusty tonight, so we're gonna take it from the top, again.

    R.K.: I was still in that particular writing mood that all newbie writers get when they first write about the opposite sex, so I was curious about exploring the twin themes of siblings and incest. I didn't really know where I was going with it, other than I didn't want to cross that proverbial line. I wanted to keep on a very sensual level and not even remotely drift over into something sexual.

    The violence seemed to fit as I was working within that overall theme of vampires and aliens.

  4. You definitely know how to build the intensity in a scene. Are you going to have the twins differentiate themselves more? Or do you like the twin mirroring personality angle? I think either approach would work for this story.

    It's funny that I'm not rooting for these "girls." I usually do sit in the female character's corner. I'm so used to reading and sympathizing with Jane Austen like heroines. Do you think you'll attract more of a male audience with this story? I always wonder about whether my fiction would naturally gravitate towards a female tone. As a writer, do you think of the gender pull of your readers? Or do you just write and see where it goes? I know I just write, but now I'm wondering about whether a writer should even consider the gender stamp perhaps unknowingly connected with a piece of writing. Sorry for going on and on. You got me thinking:)

    I have to admit that you do have my interest with these stories. It's a departure from my usual reading choices. It's probably good for a writer and a reader to venture into some unfamiliar territory once in a while.

    Did any of this make sense? I think I'm sounding punchy :)

  5. Wow, I think this is one of the longest comments you've ever left here. So I'm gonna try my best in answering it, and no, you don't sound punchy.

    I think I was starting to write them as a mix: sometimes distinctive, sometimes similiar. I do know I was starting to make Aissa the dominant twin in this relationship, and have Ashanit become the more volatile twin.

    I think that for the most part, I've always gunned for a male audience, hence the heavy sexual overtones/overtures/etc.. that are becoming a staple of my stories. It's only been recently (about a year) that I've tried expanding both my horizons and my readership.

    I'm in a bit of a quandry with my writing. Even though I've been gunning for a male audience, I haven't written my female characters in that particular way. I decided from day one to write my female characters as strong individuals, yet vunerable when the situations calls for it.

    As for this story, I would like to think that I would attract the male audience simply because of the violence, the babes and the sex that is/would be contained within. But I know to catch the others, I need to make my stories more meatier I would think.

    I generally to both. I write to see where it goes and I try to consider the gender pull. It's tough to balance out the two when you're writing the type of stuff I'm writing because it has a tendency to lean strongly towards the male gender.

    But I'm glad I got you to thinking. It's funny, but it seems that for the most part, the only females I've got reading my stuff (that I know of) is my fellow bloggers and some people from work. Which considering what I write, I find to be highly unusual.

  6. G, thanks for responding to all my questions. Hope I didn't push my commenting limits with you :)

    Once again, thanks for jump starting my thinking about writing characters. I do like the strength that you give to your female leads.

    Well, thanks to my little girl (the female lead in this house :) I have to go now. Not a long comment this time!

  7. Kelly: You're more than welcome. It was actually quite refreshing to answer those questions. Usually the comments I get are succint and to the point, which makes my answers succint and to the point. So this was a most refreshing change of pace.

    And I'm glad I was able to give you that little nudge about writing fiction (or meatier poems).

  8. G: I was just being silly, 'cause that was one of the questions you asked if we were wondering ;)

  9. S'okay.

    My comprehension skills were something less than disirable that day.

    Even worse today.

    I think it's gonna be a very long weekend.


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