Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Incompleteness (6)

The second part of my failed novella was to be called "The Anointed One", of which the main plot was to introduce a hunter that would be going after the toxic twins Aissa & Ashanti and bring them home to face the consequences. The original intent was to have her particular story eventually merge into the first story, and then have that melded story complete the novella.

Interestingly enough, the fifth and last story that you'll read in this third failed attempt at writing a chapbook style story (the first two being "Blackness In The White Sand" and "Persona Non Grata"), is the one that actually inspired me to write this novella in the first place.

I already had the first two in the can (Double D's and Weapon of Choice) when I wrote a story called "Caged" (inspired by the song "Bullet for Butterfly Wings"). A couple of days after I'd wrote it, I came up with the idea of writing this particular novella.

So instead of posting on FSG last year, I put it aside and got myself busy with 1} writing stories for what turned out to be "Persona Non Grata" and 2} writing stories for the "The Anointed One" that would lead up to story number 5.

The first story that you'll be reading in this series is called "Sedated" (inspired by the song "Sedated"), and what this does is introduce you to Valerie, my primary protagonist for "The Anointed One".

One thing you should know about these five particular short stories, is that they're the polar opposite of the stories that made up "Persona Non Grata". Those five stories, while dripping with sex, only had a light-to-moderate dose of violence. The five stories that make up "The Anointed One" are dripping with violence, both sexual and physical. Not over the top mind you, but just enough to make a reader fell a little bit uncomfortable afterwards.

I now present to you the reader, the first installment of "The Anointed One", entitled "Sedated". Warning: there are two or three scenes of moderate sexual violence in this story, as well as implied drug usage. If that type of stuff offends you (and to a small degree, it offends me, and I wrote it), by all means, skip this story.


  1. It offends you and you wrote it? LMAO! On my lunch break, though, so I'll have to read it at home tonight.

  2. To a certain degree.

    I've found throughout the past few years that certain emotions I tap into often causes me to create troubling and slightly disturbing prose.

    Like the current batch of shorts I have lined up for FSG this month.

  3. That was pretty disturbing. (By the way, every woman in the world has heard that line, "I didn't know that was going to happen!" Right!)

  4. Told you it was.

    If there is one thing that I'm becoming known for, it's being honest about what I write.

    Oh I don't know. In this instance, I don't think that Valerie nor Tony saw that coming (no pun intended).

  5. Sounds like you've been busy, G!


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