Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Incompleteness (7)

The second installment came about in a pretty unusual way. November 2008, I wrote a piece of creative non-fiction for Cedar's Mountain, and I got some pretty decent compliments for it. About a month later and buoyed by the compliments I got for my piece of flash, I set about writing a short story.

So like normal, I started writing this thing with guns a blazin' and true to form, I came to a screeching halt due to not knowing where I wanted to with this. I struggled for a couple of weeks, then gave up and tucked it away in a folder on my C drive.

Fast forward some nine months later. I was hip deep with writing this particular section of the novella when I realized I needed a story to explain the human food source that was being housed in a cage in my story Caged. So I retrieved the story and started at it for fifteen minutes, before I was able to come up with the appropriate plot thread to complete the story.

This particular story is entitled 10 p.m. and please don't ask me why I called it that, because I don't have any kind of a clue as to why, not then and certainly not now. Like the first one, this is basically the back story as to why Jerry (the food source) came to be in this inhospitable world. Unlike the first, this doesn't have much in the way of physical violence, but it does have sexual violence of sorts. Also making first appearances in this story: The Platinum Queen, head honcho of the hive and Jerry's nameless friend who gets a name in story #4.


  1. Ouch! Of course this line was great:

    “As much as I would like to consummate the deal, I don’t want to become a soulless ghoul and spend the rest of my eternity licking your boots.”

    I'm jealous that I never thought of anything that clever...

  2. Think about though...isn't that what some marriages are like? :D

    And thanks. My imagination is always at your beck and call, should you need assisstance in coming up with truly tasteless and yet witty repartee.


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