Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Incompleteness (8)

By the time the third installment of "The Anointed One" rolled around, I had a pretty good idea on what I wanted, and without realizing it, I was doing some basic world building as well.

In this particular story, Valerie's savior gained a name, Fydor. Fydor was what I would probably call a 'retriever', in the sense that he was sent out to find a new addition to the collective, and Valerie was it.

As for the world building, its a little strange, so bear with me as I try to explain.

I'm not sure on what I would've called the overall planet, but I did have rudimentary elements of a hierarchy in place with this third story. I had the Platinum Queen, who was titular leader of what would be called a 'hive' (I'm thinking of hive, because all the elements of a hive were starting to formulate) and what I was calling 'a collective'; I had 'retrievers' (or gatherer in insect parlance I guess); and I was introducing a 'hunter' (or soldier) into the mix. And for this particular plot line in this story, there is a humanoid in the form of Fydor.

Sex is non-existent in this story as well as the violence.

The original title for this story is "A New Beginning", which was inspired by the song "Second Chance" by Shinedown.


  1. There have been some really interesting things done in SF with hive type species. I like the sound of the Platinum Queen.

  2. Posting these stories has gotten me to thinking about the possibility of working on them again.

    I really think I got a good foundation to work with and explore in greater detail.

    Especially since I got the creative juices working again.

  3. You have such interesting characters - how do you conjure them up?

  4. R.K.: I wish I knew. Some of them are based on composites of real people and some have a little bit of me in them. And the remaining ones I simply pull out from the air and give them qualities that I admire.

    Snaggle: World building indeed. I might actually go back to these latest batch of stories and try to do something with them, simply because I feel like I can go somewhere with them this time.

  5. It made me want to see what will happen next.

  6. Thanks.

    Glad I was able to build some anticipation into the story for you.


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