Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eye Candy

I originally wrote this during my last outburst of flash fiction that lasted from January through early September of last year. Specifically, around late June this was written, because I remember talking about it with a lawyer cousin-in-law of mine who was finishing up on a three volume military fantasy that took place during the Napoleonic Wars (which reminds me, I should ask him if he finally completed the damn thing. From what I understand it was meticulously researched and he spent the better part of five years writing it).

Anyways, I debated whether or not to post this on FSG, simply because it went one page over my self imposed cap of four. At the time, everything else I was posting either fell under the cap or finished at the cap, so to post something that was five pages long was (for me at least) tempting fate.

As luck would have it, around November '09, I was starting to give thought about retooling FSG, simply because I was running out of flash fiction to post and the only stories I had left were at least fifteen or more pages in length. In the end, it never made it to the original format of FSG because of that very reason of being too long for the original format of FSG.

Fast forward to January.

After the one month hiatus, I had all of my stories lined up and ready for posting, including this one. Then a funny thing happened: I had temporarily ran out of stories. To clarify, back in early December '09, I chose to revisit my bi-yearly phase of submitting my stuff for contests (another post for another time), and after doing about a dozen submissions of three stories I thought were my best work (Red Stripe, A Desirable Image and Creativity Inaction), I found myself needing to do a temporary reshuffle of what I had lined up. Thus, this particular story got pushed back from the original posting time frame of early April until most of those submissions flamed out (rejection).

Fast forward to now.

Even though I still have one story pounding the pavement (Red Stripe), I feel comfortable enough to now post this particular story without worrying about whether or not I have enough stories left before calling it a day for FSG.

Called "Eye Candy", it was originally inspired by a lady who used to peddle her hot dogs in a deserted parking lot wearing basically a pair of sneakers and a bikini.

Need I say more?


  1. I'm heavy into editing this week but I will check it out when I get a chance.

  2. Yeow!

    A former friend from high school once dated a girl who drove a hearse and made jewelry out of roadkill. What ticked me off is that she had the same name as me. I don't think she worked at a hot dog stand, though ;)

  3. David: Thanks. Always appreciate your input.

    R.K.: Ahhhh...mammories are made of this.

  4. Extra Ordinary Me: Thanks.

    I do have a tendency to come up with the quirkiest plot devices for my stories.

  5. Ironically, I came to call my art business "Eye Candy Visual Arts" when my name proved to be completely unmemorable.

  6. Lana: Really? Your name unmemorable?

    I guess "Eye Candy" would do the trick, as most people do pay attention when that phrase is bandied about.


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