Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Incompleteness (10)

And now, the story that was the originator of two and a half months worth of seriously strange stories on FSG. This particular story, entitled "Caged", was originally written during my short story outburst in the summer of '09 for FSG.

This one has elements of physical violence and suggestive sexual violence, and simply oozes with anger and hostility. But perhaps the most interesting thing about this story, is that the opening paragraph gives no hint as to what lies in store until the fourth sentence.

Originally inspired by the song "Bullet for Butterfly Wings" by the Smashing Pumpkins, the lyric "I'm still just a rat in the cage." was the trigger for the story.

Not sure why I went off the deep end with story (yeah, you heard correctly) but I found that once I got rolling with the original scenario, the words just seemed to flow out of me, because I think it took me less than an hour to write this.

Anyways, to help you decide whether or not to read the last story, here is the opening paragraph.

"Aghhhh!! You're drinking too much! Stop! Stop! Stop!"
"Shut your face! I only drank a shot's worth!"
"In addition to the quarter pint you took this morning!"
"You're such a crybaby! Here, drink this."
Taking a couple of sniffs, he made a face, and asked, "What is it?"
"O.J. spiked with crystal meth."
"You heard me. I need to get wasted and this will do the trick."
"Not on your life!"
I sincerely hope that you found this little detour into the inner workings of one slightly strange blogger/writer fulfilled your need to be entertained and to be challenged.

I have one more small detour from the detour to take, before we head back to the main highway that is the short story serials.

Next week's short story installment will actually be a normal post, but due to the content and subject matter of this post, part one (the background) will start here on Cedar's Mountain, while part two (the story) will be found on FSG.


  1. dark stuff Georgie........:)Bea

  2. Yeah.

    I have my moments...not sure what would ooze out of my pen if I'd ever completely immersed myself into something that dark again.

  3. I like the smashing pumpkins a lot, including that song. but my fave by them is Ava adore. great tune.

  4. You should be very afraid of what Billy Corgan did with the band, which is now basically him and studio musicians.

    His latest "masterpiece" is all new agey music and all 40 plus tracks are available for download.

    Having said that, I do like the Smashing Pumpkins. Unfortunately, I'm not that familar with their older stuff, only what I hear on the radio. I do like that double CD in which that particular tune is pulled from.


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