Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Incompleteness (9)

I decided with the fourth story to go back to the issue of Jerry becoming a food source. In this story, he was hospitalized after the Platinum Queen's entourage was a bit overzealous in prepping Jerry for his new life as a renewable food source.

I also decided with this story to add another element to the world building, by having Jerry deal with animals, specifically dogs, through the beginning portion of his stay on this world.

I probably would've explained the reasoning behind Jerry's friend being able to switch back and forth between human and semi-human life forms. That's right, I said semi-human. In addition to giving Jerry's friend a name (Viktor), I also make him one quarter dog (his head), in this case a bulldog, and three quarters human. I actually did research for this story, because I wanted to make things as far out as possible.

So with the pivotal scene of Jerry being in the hospital, I made Viktor's second in command (his number one) a mini-Schnauzer and the nurse a St. Bernard.

Again, the story was inspired by the song "Second Chance" and the title of the story is "A Bad Ending".

One thing you should know is that this is the last story I wrote for this potential novella, and the main reason as to why the ending sounds abandoned, is because at this particular point, I became incredibly vapor locked on what to write next. Not only for this story, but for both stories overall. I eventually gave up trying to write this novella, and instead moved on to writing my second novel.


  1. I was so blocked on the ending to this one story but I finally hammered out something acceptable last night. Not great, but acceptable. Maybe inspiration will help me fix it better today.

  2. You teaser! You say it's an ending, but you leave the reader hanging. :)

  3. Back when I wrote this story, I gave up rather easily whenever I got stuck. Did that rather frequently.

    It's only been very recent that I decided to buckle down and make an honest attempt at working through whatever blocks I come across.

    Hope things worked out for you.

  4. I did say that the ending was abandoned, did I not? :D

  5. Do you outline at all? I'm finding the more that I write, the more valuable some sort of outline really helps to move through the story effectively. Even a rough outline will expose weaknesses in the storyline before I get too far into it.

  6. I don't outline much. I think I've written only three outlines (if you could call it that) in the past year. Mostly they were just a few bullet points that helped me get back on track to finish.

    What I do now is that for any long story or novel that I write, I print out the completed pages and stick them in a notebook. A kind of perpetual outline in that I have something to use as a reference as I'm writing, just in case I lose the plot lines (which I did while writing "Line 21" because I was trying to track about 4 at the same time.

    I think an outline would've helped tremendously back then if I actually paid attention to some of the writing tips I was getting and reading.

  7. Yeah, fiction seems challenging!

  8. T1G: Welcome back and congratulations again!

    Ain't it the truth....

  9. This story may "phoenix" for you once again. I believe that all stories really don't stall. They may just need to be "parked" for a while. I'm off to read the story.

  10. Kelly: Believe it or not, the last story in this series has actually risen from the dead and I started incorporating a few elements into a new story for FSG later in the year.


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