Friday, September 10, 2010

Flashing Georgie's Shorts

For those of you who remember from about a couple of months ago, I briefly closed access to FGS because I thought someone was doing a little hanky panky with it. Against my better judgment, I reopened access to it. Unfortunately, two weeks ago I found that someone was spending an inordinate amount of time "reading" one story of mine (a shade over 19 minutes was spent on that one story). So once again, I closed off access for the general public to my story blog.

However, over the Labor Day weekend, I got to thinking about how I could produce a little escapism for everyone who takes the time to visit my blog, and the first thing I thought of was posting a short story.

One small problem: what story should I post? I know I said back in June that I wanted to do something with the remaining 13K-35K+ word stories that I was originally going to post on FGS. But then I remember that I had one story that I exclusively wrote for FGS, so that became my solution to my problem of what story to post.

However another problem reared its ugly head: access to the story blog. Based on the previous incident, I am loathe to open my story blog up to everyone. But once again, a solution has come to the foreground, and its one that will require a ginormous leap of faith on your part.

Blogger has a third option to choose from under the sub-tab called "Permissions". Option #1 is what Cedar's Mountain is and option #3 is what FGS is now. Option #2 is limited reader access.

Basically, you can grant up to 100 people access to your blog. Here is where the big leap of faith comes in. In order for me to grant you the loyal reader access to my story blog, I will need your e-mail address.

So if this is something that tickles your fancy and you're willing to take that big leap of faith, please shoot me an e-mail with all the particulars. My e-mail addy for this little project is and if you could, please let me know who you are in the subject line.

I'm looking at a target date of late September, so if I can get at least one person to take me up on it, I'll reopen the blog and will give that lucky person (or persons) at least 8 weeks worth of escapism.

And maybe a little bit more if can get myself properly motivated again.


  1. So what if someone opened your story and just left the link open for 19 minutes? Couldn't that have happened? I do that all the time with blog posts - because I read them when I'm on hold at work and then forget they are open.

  2. Maybe 19 minutes guy is just a slow reader...

  3. Lynn: I thought about that. But given where that particular reader was from (Saudi Arabia), I choose to think otherwise. Prior to that reader, I got almost no readers for the entire summer.

    I'm kind of paranoid about people pilfering my stuff nowadays (at least my short stories) and if you couple that with absolutely nothing new being posted and someone who treated the blog as out of sight out of mind (I have it hidden on my dashboard), you get a blog that's begging for someone to copy from it.

    Extra O: Perhaps. Although with the way my mind functions, I could think of couple of things as to why, and none of them clean. :D

  4. I hate to tell you, G, but I think someone was having a *leetle* too much fun with your story! I am happy to read anything you post so don't worry if you do not get an e-mail from indecisive me.

  5. R: I know indecisive you, so don't worry about it. I got you covered with the one that we conversate with.

    And yes, I do believe that someone was having a little too much fun with it...:D


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