Sunday, September 19, 2010

Something Old And Something New

First something old: Today's latest installment of Shooting Suburbia is now ready for your perusal. Unlike last week's pitiful installment, today's has seven times the fun. Enjoy.

Now, something new: As promised, if I got at least one person to take me up on my offer of last week, I would reopen Flashing Georgie's Shorts. Well my friends, two people took me up on the offer and the first installment to a brand new story that was written exclusively for FGS is now posted.

For those of you who may have missed it, I decided to reopen FGS as a private blog, which means in order to read it, you must be on the list. The list is open to anyone who wishes to experience a little escapism for the next eight to ten weeks and all you have to do to join is drop me a short e-mail at telling me what e-mail addy you wish to log in at and in the subject line, please tell me who you is, because for the majority of you, I don't know your real name. Also, I will not e-mail you without your permission, except to acknowledge your initial e-mail.

This is a standing offer so anyone can join whenever they want to. The previous rules that applied before still apply now: I moderate comments over there and it's still adult rated.

For those who have signed up please click on the link up above (unless other arrangements were made) and for those of you who are curious to know what the story is all about, this particular story was the result of having about 5 incomplete short stories, ranging in length from one paragraph to about five pages. After staring at these 5 incomplete stories for about a month or so, I came up with the brilliant (for me that is) idea of weaving one long master story around these 5 incomplete stories. I think that by the time you finish this story, you will be duly impressed on how I was able to pull this off.

For those of you who are curious, here are the two opening paragraphs from the story.

Todd was having a rough day. Here he was, taking a personal day with the express purpose of doing some writing, and absolutely nothing of consequence was being written. Everything that he needed to get the job done was in place.

Kids were in school, learning how to become street hustlers; wife was at work, learning the proper technique in shaking down delinquent juice customers; and mother was out at the casino, pissing away this month’s social security check. Even the animals were way out of sight, with the cat beating up the dog, and the dog enjoying it just a little bit too much for Todd’s comfort level.


  1. I'm going to send you an email. Sounds good :)

  2. Kelly: Thanks, looking forward to it.

  3. OK, once again, sorry to be boring, but I'd be happy to read anything you post.

  4. R: I know, and the same goes for me about you. How 'bout sending a little something that came out of your pen my way.

    BTW, how did you like the re-write?

  5. Like it but...midriff is a body part (torso area.) So at first I was thinking you went a little bit "Aliens" on me!

    I'll send you some stuff if you like :)

  6. R: Yes I know, but I wanted her to wear a particular piece of clothing, thus I googled the word "midriff" and got about 250 images or so of all types of women wearing midriffs.

    Yes, that would be greatly appreciated. Because believe it or not, I'm in dire need of reading something else besides my own stuff. Haven't found anything else to my liking as of late, so even reading some children's (non YA & MG) stuff would be a refreshing change of pace.


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